Plague Rats

I should be playing WHFB this coming Tuesday.  Hopefully, timing work out such that I get not one, but two games in.

I’ve been working on painting some miniatures for the army, too.  I’m not quite up to powering through a full unit of 25 in a single week just yet, but it’s entirely appropriate to paint Nurglitch. He’s maybe halfway there, but I hope to find some time to finish him before Tuesday.

(Hastily taken with my phone this morning.)

This is the list I’m looking to use:

Rashputin Marches
Bubonic Court of Nurglitch – 2250 points

Lords & Heroes
  • Nurglitch – General
  • Plague Priest – BSB, Stormbanner
  • Festering Chantor – Dispel Scroll x2


  • Plague Monks x26 – Full Command, Extra Hand Weapon, War Banner
  • Plague Monks x26 – Full Command, Extra Hand Weapon
  • Pusbags x20
  • Pusbags x20
  • Frothing Giant Rats x25
  • Frothing Giant Rats x25
  • Plague Censer Bearers x10
  • Plague Censer Bearers x10


  • Rat Spawn
  • Rat Spawn

We’ll see how it does.  Not many changes from before: pretty much just dropping the Lvl 2 upgrade on the Festering Chantor and using the points for more bodies.  I was pretty happy with how everything worked out in the last game, and I’m not sure that any of the other units would be that much more useful.

(God, doesn’t that image make you want to hurl?)

  • Man, where do you find those grotesque ratling images from. I think this posts is the most disturbing so far. Depending on my training class next week and what day it is (either Tuesday or Thursday) I may be at GPC next Tuesday. I hope everything is well.

  • Yeah, that thing gives me nightmares and makes me throw up in my mouth a little. The image was originally called “hellopossum” or somesuch, so maybe they’re supposed to be hairless opossum.

    And yet, I cannot look away.

  • Unless I’ve got a challenge (which is possible) I can probably get in the second shift game if you don’t have anyone else lined up.

  • Awesome. If both you and Sean can make time for me, I’ll have a full dance card.