Hellpit Abomination

Quick!  Someone convince me that I shouldn’t try to use a Lifeleech Otyugh as the basis for a Hellpit Abomination conversion!

I picked up a Beast of Nurgle earlier this week, with this intent, but I’ve since decided that it’s probably not going to work out.  (Which is a shame, because I suspect I’m going to have a very, very hard time selling it off to someone else.)  I think I could accomplish the same result, or better, just by sculpting the whole thing from scratch.

EDIT: Too late!  This thing’s going to be badass.

  • What size base are you using? Has one been confirmed by GW?

    A nice idea. I couldn’t bring myself to destroy my Lifeleech Otyugh model though. It’s one of my favorites.

  • I’m planning on putting it on a 50×50. Of course, I might just look at the thing and decide it’d work better on a 50×100 chariot base.

    I haven’t heard anything confirmed by GW… and I expect no one will until they actually release their own model. I’m pretty confident that 40×40 is going to be too small, though, so that leaves 50×50 or 50×100.

    I’ve got a few tubs of D&D minis and don’t actually have an otyugh of any variety. The one I got off of eBay cost < $7 with free shipping, though, and that's a steal considering I just wasted $20 on a Beast of Nurgle I'm not going to use or be able to resell. While I was at it, I ordered 5 Rat Swarms (from the Unhallowed set); I’ve got some ridiculous number of GW rat swarms, but I noticed the model and thought it looked awesome.

  • Great find! Have you used D&D prepainted plastics for warhammer before? I’ve thought about it previously, I think the consensus is that they prime up / repaint fairly well.

    I’m certainly getting my feelers out for a good abomination model. Reaper has a few nice amorphous critters that might work for nurgley-skaven army, but may not have the height for a large target (not that fantasy cares about height too much, all about the base). Speaking of which, I’m guessing 50×50 will do it. With the way that some of its attaks work – like, D3 hits to every model in base – a chariot base, which you had cannily moved up and presented the flank of for a charge, would actually net more attaks than head on. So 50×50 seems the trick.

    – Salvage

  • No, I haven’t. I use them for test paint schemes pretty often, but that’s it. They take paint pretty well, I know that for sure.

    The only possible problem I could run into is the softness of the plastic… but I’m hoping that a combination of the thickness of it (large D&D minis tend to be more rigid than the small ones) and the amount of extra crap I’m going to be gluing and sculpting onto it will make it okay.

    I figure 50×50 is probably the best middle ground. If it turns out that the inevitable GW model comes out, I’ll have two options:

    1) Rebase it on a chariot base. A little trouble, but not a huge pain. Gives me the room and opportunity to tart it up with a more scenic base.

    2) Leave it. See: Giants. The old giant came with a 50×50, the new one with 50×100. The people who play in my region say, “You put it on the base it came with. If it came with the smaller base, you put it on the smaller base. If it came with the bigger base, you put it on the bigger base.” If that’s how they treat their Giants, I can’t imagine them complaining about my Abomination.

  • I actually found your comments about the abomination on some Skaven site google sent me to, and I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment that one of the best aspects of the unit is that there’s no model, yet everybody is going to be running it. I too am way interested to see all the mutated horrors that spring up to fill the gap, and a similar(ly wonderful) thing happened when the defiler was first released.

    To that end, I ordered the base for my own abomination conversion this morning ;)

    – Salvage

  • What are you using?

  • Well I was going to keep it a secret … Especially awesome is that Heresy is still having its sale, so 23 GBP after shipping is quite fine by me.

    – Salvage

  • Neat!

    When converting up my Rat Spawn, I’d had had Bran Carnoth in the back of my head (but was unprepared to actually hack up the figure), which is along the same lines (but at a much smaller scale).

    Other things I’ve heard people planning to use include a 6th Ed Dark Elf Hydra (with Rat Ogre heads), as well as using The Caller from Necromunda.

  • You’re right, that French centitaur is fairly similar … The Caller seems pretty small to me, but then mine isn’t going to really be too hulking, at a mere 7cm or so tall :P I like the rat hydra idea, pretty hilarious!

    Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Aventine already got one abomination done. Though he mentions the caller, so maybe we’ve both read this post already!

    – Salvage

  • The Rat Hydra’s been done before, actually, in the WD Hell Pit list. There was a unit called the “Chimerat” and, well, that’s pretty much what it was: a old Hydra with rat heads.

    I’d heard about The Caller from a friend of mine; I haven’t been following that blog. I like the use of the Corpse Cart, though.