For the Warlord riding in the War-Litter, do I:

  • Build him with bits from the new Stormvermin kit? That sort of thing is why I’m getting one, after all.
  • Strip my Warlord w/ Two Hand Weapons? I rarely use him, especially now that I can’t see myself running an unmounted Warlord.
  • Just buy a new Warlord w/ Two Hand Weapons?  Why repaint what’s already acceptably painted?  Although I rarely use the one I have, if I ever run an unmounted Warlord he’d be the one I use.
Mind you, I’m pretty set on how I’m doing the litter and its bearers… just trying to settle on the rider.
  • Honestly, I would use Queek’s model if your going to buy a new one, I’m not a big fan of the two hand weapon model. Out of the options you gave though, I would convert one from the storm vermin kit.

  • Everybody’s using Queek. Which is fine, because Queek’s a cool model, but everybody’s using him.

    (I intend to use Queek, but as Queek.)

  • I like the model with the two hand weapons. And remember, it seems like everyone is using Queek on the Internet, but not everyone on the internet plays at your store! ;)

    I think you should convert one yourself from a Storm Vermin Fang Leader and maybe something else.

  • I’d go Storm Vermin, simply so it is easier to repose and get the model looking the way you want it.