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Painting Progress – 20100128

I find it interesting: the inverse relationship between how interesting this blog is vs. how much painting I’m doing, particularly given that the point of this blog was to be a place for me to post pictures of painted minis.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I haven’t been posting many pictures lately: I keep telling myself, “I’ll take some pictures, when I’m done painting X,” and, by the time I think about it again, I’ve finished X and started Y… and it becomes, “I’ll take some pictures when I’m done painting Y.”

Anyway, as predicted, the schedule slipped a bit this past week, though it it didn’t slip nearly as much as I though it would… mostly because I finished converting the Bloodcrushers (which was supposed to be done Wednesday) and ended up making extremely good progress on the Flesh Hounds while in a Battlestar Galactica-induced fugue state on Sunday.  I have no excuse not to wrap up the last four Flesh Hounds tonight, which puts me just about a day behind where I thought I’d be.

With the Flesh Hounds done, I’m in the home stretch.  All I have left are Big Models.  No more batches of infantry: just big honkin’ models.

  • 4 Bloodcrushers
  • Karanak (Avatars of War Netherhound)
  • 2 Bloodthirsters
  • 2 Soul Grinders

That’s 9 models.  1 month.  Either this will go much, much faster than I anticipate, or it’s going to be drawn-out slog.

I’m shaking up my schedule a bit; I’d originally planned to paint things in the order I’ve listed above… but I feel like knocking out the Soul Grinders first, for some reason.  I’m hoping I can blow through them in significantly less than the two weeks I’ve allotted for them.

I’ll take some pictures when I’m done with my Flesh Hounds. :)

Rapid Fire 2010 Results

The Second Annual Rapid Fire tournament went down on Saturday at Game Vault.

Turnout was shockingly low.  We’d had nearly 20 people signed up for it and had 6 at the start of the tournament (with 2 more showing up through the day).  Some folks gave a heads-up (which is fine), but many didn’t (which is less so).  You always expect a little of that (because life happens), but the scale (> 50% of signups) of it was pretty disheartening.

Regardless, it really seemed like everyone who showed up had a good time, which means the event was a success.

Results were:
Most Battle Points: John S (Space Wolves)
Best Army: Doug McN (World Eaters)
Longest Streak: (tie) Jay P (Space Marines), Matt M (Orks)

Because we had so few people, Matt H and I played a number of ringer games to ensure that 1) everyone who’d signed up was playing and 2) that people got to play different people.  This unfortunately undercut the point of the format a bit, but nobody seemed to mind.  The person “on deck” would have had to have waited around a very unreasonable amount of time.  (To offset this, we decided that losses to the ringers wouldn’t break winning streaks, but it never came up.)

That meant I finally got to use the ringer list I built for last year’s Rapid Fire:

Tau Empire

  • Ethereal
  • Fire Warrior Honor Guard x12
  • Crisis Suit x1 – Flamer, Fusion Blaster, Multi-tracker
  • Fire Warrior Team x12
  • Kroot Carnivore Squad x20

It put up a better fight than I thought it would.

I was very excited and interested to see how the opposing scenarios would work out.

In short (because it’s detailed in the RF post), each player rolls for scenario.  Each player works towards their scenario and tries to prevent their opponent from succeeding in their scenario.  So, Player 1 could roll Seize Ground and Player 2 could roll Annihilation: Player 1 would try to hold the objectives and lose fewer KP/VP than Player 2, while Player 2 tries to kill more KP/VP than Player 1 while trying to deny them objectives.

Frustratingly, in the vast majority of games, both players rolled the same scenario.  So, there weren’t many cases of opposing scenarios… certainly not enough for me to get a feel for how good/bad an idea it is.

Similarly, the change to Annihilation (VP on a per-model basis vs. KP on a per-unit basis) didn’t come up often enough for me to get a feel for it.  I’m quite sure that it’s wildly impractical in a larger game, but at 500 points, it didn’t seem very hard to work out at all.  It also has some odd impacts on rules, like Combat Squadding or blobbing IG squads together, but I’m not sure that’s a big deal in the small, small points levels.

Despite the turnout, I had a good time and it looked like everyone else did.  It’s always a treat to get down to Game Vault, which is simply a great store.  (I wish it were closer to Manassas.)  We’ll be doing it again in 2011 (though likely with preregistration).

Rapid Fire This Weekend!

A reminder that Rapid Fire is this Saturday at the most excellent Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA.

If you’re in the area, you should come!  It’ll be fun!

Painting Progress – 20100118

Busy weekend, but I did manage to keep to the schedule… by applying varnish to my last four Bloodletters before climbing into bed last night.

So, I’m done with Bloodletters!  (Well, until I get to the Bloodcrushers, but that’s different.)  I’ll have to get some pics of all of them up in the next day or two.

This upcoming week’s looking a little packed, though, which means I’m going to be hard-pressed to get through half of the Flesh Hounds I need to have done by Sunday, much less all of them to be on schedule.  Best to make peace with that fact now than be frustrated Sunday night.  There’s room for slippage in the schedule, though.

Should be getting in my first game of the year this afternoon.  It’ll be, effectively, my first game against the new Imperial Guard (remember, I spent most of 2009 fooling about with War of the Ring and Warhammer Fantasy), and it’ll be against Jeff L. who is, to understate, a very strong player.  Although I might as well log the game as a loss now, it should still be a good game.

This past Saturday was the IFL‘s first Swap Meet of the year, and I think I did quite well: managed to sell off the heaps of 5th Ed. Clanrats, my excess Sniper Drones, as well as some gaming books.  Left with a Chaos Lord on Juggernaut (which will eventually pull a Herald of Khorne’s chariot) as well as with a box of Cygnar Stormblades, as well as a couple of neat minis and useful bits.

Opinions Wanted!

(Sooner, rather than later, since I’m likely to actually take whatever route tonight.)

I’m trying to figure out how I should designate my third octet of Bloodletters.

My first octet is unmarked: no blood splatters.

My second octet has a bloody left hands.

The question is: where do I place the third octet’s blood splatters?

  • I could play it safe, and make their right hands bloody.
  • I could be somewhat more exciting and make their faces bloody… but I’m not quite sure how bloody.
  • Some third option?

Hobby Status

So, I’ve been planning to use the Lone Pilgrim Points tracker to track my painting progress in 2010.  It might not be perfect, but an imperfect system is better than no system at all.

I’ll be tracking this progress in a Google Docs spreadsheet here: 2010 Hobby Status.

(I’m moving the link to the sidebar, as well.)

Because I professionally fetishize large heaps of data, I’m planning to try to expand the data I track: games I play and how much my collection grows and shrinks (stealing the idea from Jay).  Those sections are a dead and nonexistent (respectively) at the moment, but that’s because I’m putting off playing and buying stuff until I’m more or less done with the Daemons.

Let me know what y’all think!