Bloodletter Battlefoam Tray

… or maybe I should call it BLOODLETTERFOAM.

I ordered a bunch of Battlefoam trays for the Khornate Daemons back at the end of November, just about all of it custom.  About the same time, Battlefoam ran a contest for new tray layouts.  I’d just put a lot of work together laying out trays (mostly because their existing tray designs were wholly inadequate for what I needed)… so I went ahead and submitted the Bloodletter tray layout.  Bloodletters have damned inconvenient shape and, man, I’m sure the layout will make someone’s life easier.

Well, the design was a semi-finalist so you, too, can order the same BLOODLETTERFOAM tray!  You’re welcome.

(I need to e-mail them about changing the text.  “These cut outs will not work for Bloodletters holding their Hellblades straight up or Bloodletters holding Icons” isn’t actually true: it holds every type of Bloodletter without complaint, save for the Icon bearers.)

Anyway, this was from a little while back… it’s just on my mind because The Gamer’s Workbench posted about his success in the contest and because my prize (the tray I laid out) just showed up.  Oh, and because I just ordered more desperately-needed foam for my Empire.

(So if anyone needs a tray for their Bloodletters, let me know. :) )

  • Michael Hanns

    This is really cool. I’ve actually just ordered this very tray in my most recent order from Battletome (this and a 1.5″ pluck foam for the awkwardly sized guys finishing up the storage for my chaos army). I’ve been trying to find a photo somewhere showing how they fit, cool thing to find out this was a contest winning user submission! I’m actually painting up a bunch of Bloodletters right now, and by chance they’re in a similar white scheme to yours!

    Any idea if this tray will take any shapes of Stormvermin?

    • Can you see this link?

      I don’t have any of the new Stormvermin I can stick in there for an example, but that’s an older one and a clanrat.

      Hope that helps!

      • Michael Hanns

        Much obliged! Looks like it ought to be a good fit then – if I can fit just 10 Stormvermin in there with my 20 Bloodletters (sans banners), then it’s mission accomplished!

        One more question , if you would? The Battlefoam UK website only sells this ‘letterfoam in 1.5″ – thats the one I bought, but I notice in your link the foam has two options, including a 2″ one. Is the one you’ve pictured in this post a 1.5″ or a 2″? And if the latter, would you anticipate problems with the 1.5″??

        • Unless you have some crazy poses, you should be fine with anything on a 25mm base. Not gonna have a good time with 40mm or larger, though.