Rats for the Cure 2013

Rats for the Cure Banner

Somehow, I missed that this year’s Battle for the Cure was scheduled for April 6 until just a few days ago.

It’s something that I look forward to every year, so I signed up and immediately got a bug up my ass about painting something new for it.

I’m a long way away from having a pink unit, much less a pink army, but a new model’s certainly progress, right?

Anyway, I’ve had the BaneLords Blunt-Claw model in my bits tub for a while, so I pulled him out, put him together, stuck a Bloodletter banner on him. Nothing fancy at all.

Rats for the Cure Warlord 1

Rats for the Cure Warlord 2

Rats for the Cure Warlord 4

Rats for the Cure Warlord 3

Hadn’t really thought through that it’d be basically a fat, gross naked mole-rat, but it is what it is.

I’m quite pleased with how the freehand on the banner came out. That’s probably the best freehand I’ve managed yet.

2013-03-31 16.51.53

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  • Sean Parker

    Nicely done, the pink came out nice.
    What colors are those for the pink?

    • Thanks!


      (ooooold) GW Tentacle Pink basecoat
      Tentacle Pink + Apple Barrel Baby Pink layer
      Baby Pink highlights
      5:4:3:3 – Bloodletter, Water, Druuchi Violet, Matte Medium wash.

      • Sean Parker

        holy crap! You still have some Tentacle Pink left?!