Switched to WordPress!

So, obviously, the move from Blogger to WordPress has gone very smoothly.

Content was pulled over without a hitch.

I’ve clearly got a lot of layout & look-and-feel stuff that I still need to do, but that’s just a matter of sitting down and powering through tweaking the CSS.

Need to find a good slideshow plugin. Also, a good blogroll plugin.

In a perfect world, I’d love to find a utility that would parse through all of my posts, download the images from Picasa Web, then upload them to my blog, updating the image references. Such a thing should be technically feasible, but I certainly don’t know enough about WP (yet) to know how to do something like it. Am I the first person to want to do this?  Does such a tool exist?

Also, I’ll have to ping out to blogrolls to make sure they have my updated feed.

Then: Blogger goes down and gets a redirect to here.


  • shdwkng

    Just a heads up, your rss feed does not have a title.

    • Good catch!

      Not sure why it’s not appearing. I’ll have to figure out how to force it to have a value w/o worrying about updates wiping it out.

    • As I (kinda) predicted: I need to make another post.

      When I made the most-recent-as-of-your-grabbing-the-feed post, I’d had the title/subtitle blank because it was layered over the header image. This is, of course, the incorrect thing to do (the correct fix is to hide them, because those values feed into the RSS).

      Nothing I did would update the RSS feed with the title/subtitle… even though they appeared in the Atom & RDF feeds. That’s because the RSS/RSS2 feed was generated when the blog didn’t have a title, and the Atom & RDF feeds had been generated after I’d set it. Adding a new post kicked off a new build of it and: ta-da there it is.

      Anyway: it remains a good catch. Thanks!