Wednesday Workbench

20130403 - Wednesday Workbench

Knocked out the Rats for the Cure mini over the weekend, of course, but everything else has been… stalled. I just need to focus and wrap up that Librarian. Then, 15 minutes with the airbrush and I’ll be done with Sammael (who will only have taken me two months).

  • Sean Parker

    Cant wait to see the finished Biker Librarian.
    I’ve got a few extra librarians to do this exact conversion. I also have the LE Chaplain I plan to do the same with. Will be a while before I get to those, as I seem to have fallen into Chaos…

    • I’m already unhappy with it. It’s taking forever. Just.. need… to… power… through…

      Especially because in a few days, it’s all Tau all the time.