Cheat Sheets

I got in a game against fellow CGL’r Nick (who I wish had a blog because he’s an amazing painter)’s Tyranids a couple of weeks ago.  He’s running a Nidzilla jam that’s all about Tervigons and flying Hive Tyrants Biomancing themselves out the ears.

Because he’s got so many different units with powers that change from game to game, he’s typed up cards that he keeps in card sleeves that he marks with dry-erase markers, Warmachine-style, to track who has what.

This reminded me that 1) I’d done something similar for my Skaven for the 2011 NoVA (printed on letter-sized paper and laminated) and 2) that dang those Chaos Daemons have a lot of stuff that changes from game to game and boy-howdy I need something like that for my Khornate Daemons.

I knocked something together for the tournament last weekend (that I probably should post about), spotted a number of issues, and revised it. Here’s what I’m currently working with.  A copy of the page with the Warp Storm table goes on the back.

Daemon Cheet Sheet 3

I’m quite pleased with it.

And, ’cause I mentioned it, I might as well post the somewhat less sassy Skaven cheat sheet.

Skaven Cheat Sheet

  • Khaas

    Thanks for sharing this! I play Warriors, but since I’ll be finished painting my army this week and the tourney I’m preparing for isn’t until January, I’ve got plenty of time to think of extras to make the upcoming season easier and more fun, this sounds like a perfect addition to my Warriors.

    • Awesome! Glad this inspired you.

      I ended up making some further changes to it: the Daemon sheet is very specific, and went through 4-5 iterations as my list kept changing. Fortunately, the Skaven one was pretty static ’caused I’d played rats for a year or two before actually putting that one together.

  • Human 2.0

    Hey I just saw this and thought it would be really good do you one still have the original Document that is editable, coincidentally what program did you use.

    • It’s been a couple of years, but IIRC, I laid out the individual tables in Excel, and, screen cap’d them, and then juggled everything around in Gimp.