Tectonic Craft Studios at NoVA Open


Guys, Tectonic Craft Studios is going to be at the NoVA Open this year.  Don’t buy from these jerks.

Before you give them so much as a penny, be aware that they funded themselves via a Kickstarter that they have yet to fulfill.  They’re one of Those Guys who’ve run a scummy crowdfunding campaign that’s given the entire process a bad name.

And, of course, there’s the small matter of them taking money for product that they haven’t delivered.

Look: crowdfunding hardly ever ships on time. It’s a disappointing reality, but one I think we’ve all accepted.  Despite that acceptance, there’s a point where it’s clear that it’s not so much late as it is vaporware.  When NoVA hits, they will be over 15 months late on delivery.  That’s longer than the gestation period of a camel*.

The past year or so’s been an exercise in evasion and putting things off.  “Just a few more weeks.” “Done by next month.”  “I’ll have an update tomorrow.” 

Whatever.  I’m actually writing this a bit in advance (late July).  He sent out surveys a month ago, and nothing’s materialized. It was just another stalling tactic.  It’s telling that I’m writing this now, knowing that nothing will have changed in the next month and a half.

I don’t know what I’m going to do, myself: demand my money back, pick up the stuff he should have shipped to me a year ago, give him the finger, and walk out or what; I’m a pretty non-confrontational person, and it’s a lot easier to imagine screaming and flipping tables than it is to actually do it.  I’m not going to lay out some hard-man act that isn’t actually going to happen.

Whatever I do: you, reader, should know about them, their character, and their failed obligations before you give them either your time or money.

UPDATE: About to hit Publish on this.  The only developments since first writing this are 1) he sold stuff at GenCon and 2) he posted yesterday that his “ultimate goal is to get everything up to premium terrain packages out before 2014.”

Estimated Delivery is June 2012… but he’s hopin’ to get stuff out before 2014?


UPDATE 2: So, I talked to him at NoVA, and got my stuff. Some details can be found in my first post about the 2013 NoVA. This is a pretty negative post, so I wanted to make sure I noted the closure of the issue.

* Said gestated camel was found, spinal cord broken by promises of “next week,” “later this month,” and “soon.”

  • I went in on this as well but I was only in for the tournament tray and with that being 6 months late I was glad I didn’t go any deeper on it…

    I’ll get my terrain from companies like Seressa Prec and others which are established and not a flash in the pan like these guys!

    • I went in on it as part of that initial Kickstarter Frenzy that happens when one first discovers the concept of crowdfunding but before late deliveries and the like sour the notion.

      What’s really pushed me over the edge is that this chucklehead’s supplied a heap of terrain to the NoVA to use… on top of all the other stuff the guy’s taken on (dice towers for a CMON game and I forget what else). When you’re running over a year behind on deliverables to the people who paid for your equipment: all that business development crap can wait.

      • I’m with you there…

        Even tho I still use kickstarter I’m very wary of what I’m putting my money into…

        I’ve found that these days I’ll go in big on something that I know or know of the people running it first and if it’s something small I can class $30-$50 as a right off until I see the final results

        • Yeah; I’ve definitely become much pickier about what I back, and this is definitely one of the reasons why.

  • G Red

    Give ’em hell or heck, whichever suits your style ;) and maybe see if others at the NOVA have been burned by this guy. Have a flash mob descend. The PR will be perfect. Although he does sound shameless, at least it will warn others.

    • I’m 99% sure some folks involved with NoVA talked to him before I got the chance to. He had my stuff ready when I found time between rounds to talk to him.

  • G Red

    Give ’em Hell or Heck, whichever suits your style ;) Maybe get some others at the NOVA who have been burned by the guy and have a flash mob descend on him. The PR should at least warn others about him.

  • Sean Parker

    I never got to ask you while at the con, but how did your talk with Tectonic go?

    • When I turned up and asked for a refund or my stuff, he asked, “Are you Richard?” and then handed me my stuff.

      It’s clear that he knows that he’s not in the right and feels emotions appropriate to that. I’m glad for that, and I’m that I’ve got my stuff: but all of that’s tempered by the fact that I had to shout and stamp my feet to get him to follow through.

      I’ll touch on it when I do my NoVA recap(s), but as far as I’m concerned, it’s over and time to move on.

      • Sean Parker

        Glad to hear you’ve gotten your stuff, sucks you had to go through that.

  • Joe Kushner

    Other bad thing is some of that stuff really needs instructions. I put in a separate order to get some of the stuff already out. If I hadn’t did that , I might be like you and went for the refund at Gen Con or Adepticon since I’ve seen him twice now.

    • The folks who put together the terrain they gave to NoVA ended up pinging back to him: “We’ll help you make some instructions in exchange for some more terrain because you really, really need them.”