Workbench Snapshot

2013-08-18 13.55.40


I’m going to be unable to hobby for the next few days and, since I neglected to do a Workbench Wednesday the other day, I figured I’d do one now.

I was supposed to be TDY this past week but when it got cancelled at the last minute I decided to seize the opportunity to bang out some Plaguebearers for my NoVA Open army.  They’re not done (as you can see), but they’re maybe 75%: that flesh is the longest part of the process.

While I’m not ashamed of them, I’m not especially proud of them. Lots of corners cut, and I can’t help but see them. Given the timeline involved, though, I’m not letting perfect get in the way of done.

  • Sean Parker

    Interesting take on Plaguebearers.
    Why Saurus?

    • The timeline involved a lot of corner cutting; I definitely will be redoing them, I think, at some point.

      The idea is that everything’s Khornate, counts-as. So actual Plague Bearers are out.

      When I pictured the conversion in my mind, there was more sculpted hair, as well as Gor horns on their head. The result is something like an anthropomorphic Flesh Hound: horns and hair and teeth and claws and oh Emperor the blood, etc.

      Painting will help a lot, I think: I still need to do the hair and brass, which will make them look less like Saurus warriors on round bases. But still: I definitely, already really want to redo them.

      Seeing as how they went from “nothing” to “ready to prime” in literally half a day, I have to find some satisfaction in them. That’s very much a record for me.

      • Sean Parker

        Well, with only 8-9 days left, I can definitely understand the pressure to get them done.
        I do like your concept. I think once you do redo them, they’ll be even closer to what the picture you describe them to be. Sounds awesome.

        • I finished these guys yesterday. Although I’m pretty satisfied with the results, I do look forward to getting them right.