Bayeux for the Bayeux God!

Norman Archer Levies

Bayeux for the Bayeux God!

You ever paint a model that you kind of hate, but you need to run it so you just power on through it, hoping it’ll be over with?

Yeah, I had to do that 24 times with these bastards.

I don’t like these models.  I just don’t.

The flash was crazy town on these guys.  Not quite so bad as with the Crossbowmen, but certainly in the same neighborhood.

There are too many of them, and they’re too mediocre to sink a lot of effort into, and I feel like it really shows.

There’s also a weird sculpting choices here that probably wouldn’t bother a lot of folks, but I’m a fussy pain in the ass so they bother me.  The greatest of these are the eyes: I ended up painting the eyes on half of them and not on on the other half.  The result: half of them look like they’re insanely constipated and the other half look like they’ve been stung by bees.  Bees.

Anyway, I had to get two units (12×2) painted.  It is accomplished.  That was a lot of painting, so they’re going up here, by gum.

Norman Archers 1

Norman Archers 2

Norman Archers 3

Norman Archers 4

Norman Archers 6

Norman Archers 5

Next: to paint 8 mounted warriors so I can swap them in for either the foot warriors or one of the levies.  Then, I begin waiting for Fireforge to release their Mongols, which look holycrapamazing.

  • Sean Parker

    Wow, I see what you mean about those faces… Those are terribad…
    sculpts, not the painting. Still better than what I could do.
    I love the crazy eyed psycho!
    I suck at eyes… I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it…

    • Just skip on the Perry metals and you shouldn’t have to deal with this.

  • G Red

    “…Stung by Bees…” ROFL. And an accurate statement too. I’m glad to see you may have resisted temptation and didn’t give them a slight red wash to indicate swelling and irritation…or worse, painted them like black eyes. Brawl much?

    These are Perry Bro.s sculpts then? Good job on painting them anyway.

    • Yeah; I was surprised and frustrated by the sculpts.

      When the choice is between “I’d love to pepper those Vikings/Anglo-Saxons/Welsh with arrows but I totally just rubbed my face on a dog and I’m allergic…” and “GUYSGUYSGUYSIJUSTDISCOVEREDCOFFEEITSTHEBESTTHINGNOMATTERHOWANACHRONISTICWESHOULDDOSOMETHINGABOUTHOSEVIKINGSOVERTHEREICANCANSEESOUNDBYTHEWAY” it’s tough to be excited about painting them.

      But they’re accomplished.

      Related: I am SUPER excited about the Fireforge Mongol infantry. Have you seen them?

      • G Red

        I just did ;) Very dynamic poses and well sculpted faces. I’m a fan of dynamic poses. Should be a fun project. Look forward to seeing how you treat them.