Norman Warband – Fully Painted

Norman Warband

I can now play Saga fully painted.

(Or rather, I’ve been able to play Saga fully painted for a month, but only just now got the chance to take pictures.)

  • Sean Parker

    Nicely done!
    I want to get Saga even more now.

    • Have I pointed you Saga Tapestry ( yet?

      I’m pointing you to Saga Tapestry.

      Are you going to follow through on doing up your Wargames Factory Samurai dudes as a Saga warband?

      • Sean Parker

        I really should, I have 70 of them sitting on their sprues. shame to let them go to waste. I really need to get a copy of the book and see what my options are as far as lists go. Counts as Normans or Counts as Anglo-Danes really intrigues me. Hell, with 70 guys, I could probably do both lol!

        • Without getting into the Battleboards or what the equipment choices mean, I can summarize the choices you have:

          1 Warlord (required, free). Then, make 6 selections from the following: 4 Hearthguard, 8 Warriors, 12 Levies. (So my army is Warlord + 4 Hearthguard x2 + 8 Warriors x2 + 12 Levies x2.)

          Warlords should have mail & shields.
          Hearthguard should have mail & shields.
          Warriors should have shields.
          Levies should not have armor.

          Warlord – May be mounted
          Hearthguard – May be mounted
          Warriors – May be mounted. 8 Warriors not mounted may have crossbows.
          Levies – Must have bows

          Warlords – Must have a double-handed axe
          Hearthguard – May have double-handed axes
          Warriors – Nothing special
          Levies – Must have bows or slings

          IIRC, we talked about no-daichi or somesuch as Dane Axes and/or muskets as crossbows? Those are the only pieces of equipment unique to their respective armies

          • Sean Parker

            Cool, that helps.

            I thought all the sprues I had were all the same, but it seems I have 3 sprues (15 Men) of Missile Troops (12 bows or 12 Muskets) as well.

            The other 11 sprues (55 Men) are all Katana, Wakazashi, and Spears. There is one weapon in its Scabbard that “might” be a No-dachi, but I cant tell. But none that are able to be wielded.

            Now, I could cobble together a conversion using the spear shafts and Katana and make Naginata…

            These are the sprues I have:



          • Hrm. You don’t want to run Anglo-Danes without Dane axes, and you don’t want to run Normans without cavalry. If you wanted to do Normans, you’d need to get their cav box.

            You might could do Vikings. They don’t have any special equipment rules except they can (and should) take 4 Hearthguard as Berserkers (who have mail and 2 weapons). Levies have bows or slings.

          • Sean Parker

            From looking at the sprues, I could easily do a bunch of dudes with Spears. These could just be normal Warriors. I can do one Levy unit of 12 Archers easily. IF Berserkers have two weapons, then I can do a lot of those with the Katana/Wakazashi combo.

          • Yeah, I think that’s a solid plan. And it really can be cheap as balls to put together a Saga army.

          • Sean Parker

            Yeah, I’ve been drooling at some of the Anglo-Dane, Viking, and Norman models in plastic… The problem is, I have SOOOO many minis games and minis for games I don’t even play, adding to that pile is something I’ve been trying to avoid… Sadly, these are games I’d love to play more of, just finding time/players is tough…
            I’ve added threads discussing this at Tapestry, CGL and if you want to participate there as well.
            Thanks so much for your input! I’m feeling a lot better about this project, I think I’ll go ahead and buy the SAGA book now.

          • Cool! The book is easily the most expensive part of the Saga thing.

      • Sean Parker

        And no, hadn’t seen Tapestry yet, thanks for the link!

  • huronbh

    Very Nice job… 6 or 8 pts? (Not sure if the Crossbows and Cav are Hearthguard or Warriors for Normans)

    Now you just need to paint up the Bolt Action Casey let slip that you purchased an come join us at Huzzah for some games. ;)

    • Crossbows are Warriors. The Warlord, Hearthguard, and Warriors can all be mounted; in this case they’re Hearthguard. (I’m working on another 8 mounted Warriors.) So 6 points here.

      Bolt Action’s not going to happen. I dig the game, but I’ve got to make priorities and it’s not very high on the list. I really need to sell it off (so if you know anyone who wants the US Army starter box + Chesty Puller for a reasonable rate, say $85 or an even $100 for the box & US book, point them my way). It’s a little disappointing, but I only have so much hobby time.

      And yeah, I do need to get up to Huzzah. Still.

  • Sean Parker

    One more question. What should I do about bases? None of the minis I have have bases to go with them… What size bases does SAGA use? Round? Square?

    • Yes.

      Which is to say: it doesn’t matter. you’ll see a lot of round bases (’cause they look better in skirmish games), but I’ve got my Normans on square bases (’cause I want to be able to run them in Hail Caesar).

      Whichever you prefer.

      The Warlord is, in theory, supposed to go on a larger, more decorative base, but that doesn’t seem to matter much.

      • Sean Parker

        Well, I’m all out of GW round bases, even after buying a ton of extras…
        I’ll probably make my own from sheet styrene I have. 20mm Square seems about right size without to much gap between the models when lined up. I have an idea for the Warlord base, so I will definitely make it a larger base, 40mm square maybe? Your thoughts? Or should I use 25mm square for the troops?

        • I never responded to this; sorry:

          I think it depends on the Warlord and what you’re doing with it. a 40mm is probably fine, though.