Rogue Trader – Random NPC Crew Generator


I had a little downtime on a flight last week, and was rereading some of the “Vornheiming Middenheim” posts I’d shoved into Evernote before taking off and started thinking about what I could steal modify from them in anticipation of the Rogue Trader game I’m (finally) kicking off later this week.

(Speaking of which: I’m not sure I’ve done a clear job of mentioning that I’ve been planning to, and am finally kicking off a Rogue Trader game.  I’ve put up an Appendix N for it here.)

The first thing I pulled together was an adaptation of Jeff Russell’s Middenheim NPC Generator.  40K being, in many way ways (some of which are about as literal as they come) basically Warhammer in Spaaaaace, this should look remarkably like the Middenheim one… just a little more 40Kish.

I started with the d4-d20 spread, but the d4 “Race” chart didn’t provide value and was quickly replaced with a “Department” chart that couldn’t be contained by less than a d20.  So, instead, it’s a d6, d8, d10, d12, 2d20 jam.  Also, this is really a first-pass.  I don’t doubt that there’s room for revision here.


d6 – Age/Gender d8 – Demeanor d10 – Appearance d12 – Motivation
1 Old Man Aggressively Bored Comfort
2 Man Cravenly Corpulent Curiosity
3 Young Man Drunkenly Drenched in Fluids Decency
4 Old Woman Earnestly Exhausted Faith
5 Woman Eloquently Fastidious Gelt
6 Young Woman Haughtily Over-stimmed Hatred (good kind)
7 Rudely Proper Hatred (bad kind)
8 Sarcastically Shabby Power
9 Spacesick Rank
10 Starving Safety
11 Shit-stirring
12 Viciousness

Can I just point out that I’m extremely satisfied with myself over having separate “Hatred (good kind)” and “Hatred (bad kind)” entries? I mean: “Hate! Hate! Hate! / An emotion as pure as it is deep! / Hate! Hate! Hate! / Let it flow, let it run free!” – Inspirational Verse, Imperial Hymnal Vol. IV


I gave the departments 40Kish (ie: gutteral pseudo-Latin) names where an established 40K term didn’t already exist.  I’ll likely scan back through them to see if Greek doesn’t offer up more interesting bullshit nonsense names.

And, really, I strongly suspect that only 20 entries isn’t enough.  This ship has a facility for maintaining its servitors… but doesn’t have a Medicae, for example.  (Though I suppose that says a lot about how well it values its crew…)

d20 – Quirk d20 – Department
1 Augmetics Anima Facilitatus (Life Support)
2 Believes a trivial heresy Augury
3 Chem-junkie Cogitator Maintenance
4 Corrupted by Chaos Constructorum Team
5 Deserter Cubiculum (Cargo Hold)
6 Dutiful Gellar Fields
7 Failed Mechanicus initiate Janitosi (Custodial)
8 Family has worked this duty for generations Macro-Saggitarium (Gunnery)
9 Involved in Black Market Munitorium
10 Normal… too normal Naviculus (Small Craft) Maintenance
11 No teeth Naviculus (Small Craft) Pilot
12 Only speaks in High Gothic (poorly) Plasma Organus (Engines)
13 Overly religious Praestes (Ship’s Security)
14 Reports everything to commissars Servicius (Ship’s Service)
15 Secret mutation Servitor Maintenance
16 Terrified of everything Shrine
17 Unaware psyker Teleportarium
18 Void-born features Void Shields
19 Wanted in-system Vox
20 Xenos-pervert Warp Engines

And, because such is prudent, a few sample rolls:

  • [5, 3, 4, 10, 12, 10] – [5] Woman, [3] Drunkenly, [4] Exhausted, [10] Safety, [12] Only speaks High Gothic (poorly), [10] Munitorium
  • [3, 5, 2, 11, 19, 14] – [3] Young Man, [5] Eloquently, [2] Corpulent, [11] Shit-stirring, [19] wanted in-system, [14] Servicius (Ship’s service)
  • [2, 8, 10, 7, 18, 20] – [2] Man, [8] Sarcastically, [10] Starving, [7] Hatred (bad), [18] Void-born features, [20] Warp Engines
  • [6, 7, 1, 10, 14, 8] – [6] Young Woman, [7] Rudely, [1] Bored, [10] Safety, [14] Reports everything to commissars, [8] Macro-Saggitarium (Gunnery)
  • [4, 5, 8, 2, 7, 15] – [4] Old Woman, [5] Eloquently, [8] Shabby, [2] Curiosity, [7] Dutiful, [15] Servitor Maintenance

That’ll do okay.

  • Sean Parker

    hehe I love random tables
    At one time, WFB Old World WAS in the 40k universe… Didn’t it get split off sometime around 40k4e? or was it 3e?
    Are you using the Rogue Trader FFG rules? Or another system?

    • Pulling it out preceded 4E. It’s possible it was 3E, but I strongly suspect it was 2E.

      I’m using the Rogue Trader rules. I think in a perfect world, I’d use WFRP 2E + stuff from Only War + stuff from Rogue Trader, but there’s a point where it’s more trouble than its worth and I think such an approach would be well, well past that point.

      Just sooo much simpler to say, “Rogue Trader book. Done.”

      • Sean Parker

        I’ve never seen the Rogue Trader books, though I know its a streamlined Dark Heresy. How different is it?
        and yeah, simpler is ALWAYS better.

        • It is in no way streamlined.

          Rogue Trader, like all of the 40K systems, is exactly the same as Dark Heresy except where it isn’t. Each system is a small revision/iteration on the previous; since it’s the second one, it’s much more like Dark Heresy than Only War. This is THE biggest issue with FFG’s approach to the line(s). It’s got a whole extra system about space combat that none of the other lines have.

          I think of it like this: WFRP 2E is like D&D, in that it sets the baseline way that the system works but is, when it gets down to it, pretty simple… and the 40KRPGs are like 3.X/Pathfinder where the complexity and options ramp up considerably.

          • Sean Parker

            Ah, thanks for the clarification. I’m familiar with WHFRP2e (one of my favorite systems) and Dark Heresy and wasn’t with the later 40k games. Though I have seen a glimpse of Only War via an incredible hack for an Elder Scrolls conversion.
            I am still disappointed in what they did to WHFRP3…. Same goes for the new Star Wars… ugh…