Wednesday Workbench

Wednesday Workbench 20140226


This is what I’m working on right now.

We finally got our Christmas presents to ourselves over the weekend: a couch to better fill our upstairs den/office space and a new desk (to accommodate and compliment the couch).  We’re still moving in around the new furniture; I’ve got a TON of work to do on my desk.

Needing to sort out my workspace is definitely jamming up my hobby.  Worse yet, work is keeping so busy, it’s definitely jamming up sorting out my workspace.



On the bright side, I did finish my rebs before the other shoe dropped; I just need to find time to photograph them.

  • CaseyVa

    Your Rebs look fantastic, man, and I can’t wait for you to share them with everyone else.

    I also know how it is to have organizing / cleaning get in the way. Do you have a painting tray? I find it makes it super easy to be able to paint but to also be fairly organized.

    • I’ve got a painting tray, but don’t really use it. Really, though, it’s a matter of needing to get my space in order before I can do much hobby-wise.

  • Sean Parker

    I had to move my painting stuff to a separate desk from my computer desk. Plastic shavings clog a keyboard like nobodies business… It’s also allowed me to spread out more and I don’t feel so crowded at either location.