Workbench Wednesday

Workbench Wednesday 20140409


Varnish is on the Chovar Psychic, which means I’m pretty much done with Deadzone for now.  All of the Plague, Rebs, and Mercs I have are painted.  Marauders are going to sit untouched for now.  Enforcers didn’t really show up.  Terrain is going to wait for Wave 2, I think.

Not exactly sure what I’ll start working on next, but it’ll come from here: MacReady, wrapping up the Valkyrie, progress on Saga Anglo-Danes, finishing up my Muskets & Tomahawks conversions.   Somethin’.

  • CaseyVa

    Deep Wars? :)

    • Heh. I might make a point of assembling those figures, but they’re not going to get painted any time soon.

      They’re still in the blister in a bag with all of the other random stuff I got at NOVA.