Too Much To Do, No Time To Do It

Where will you be?

I’m definitely in time-crunch stress mode.

Historicon is in two weeks, NoVA is in eight weeks.  Of those eight weeks, I’m on the road for somewhere between four to six weeks for work (and, ever so briefly, vacation).  Effectively: the lead in I have for Historicon is the same as the lead in I have for NoVA.

For the Historicon painting contest, I’ll just have to enter what I entered in the Capital Palette last year (which was, more or less, the plan).

For the NoVA GT, as with last year, my Khornate Daemons are my shortest-path to having a GT ready army.  I’ve got a few models that I need to paint for it, but it should be (just barely) doable with the time I have.

For the Captial Palette: I think I just need to accept that I can’t enter anything this year.  This is hugely disappointing.

As I look back over what I’ve painted since last August… the past year has been hugely productive in terms of quantity of models painted, but that’s come at the cost of quality: frankly, nothing I’ve done is worth competing.  Doing a Saga warband based on a stupid whim in less than a week, for example, is definitely an accomplishment,  but it’s not going to result in any winners.

The plan had been to work on some models specifically for the competition (which worked out pretty well last time), but I just don’t see when the heck I’d be able to do it.  Sure, I could work on something instead of finishing my army for the GT, but comparing the cost of the GT (already paid) to the cost of the painting competition (not yet paid), the decision is clear.

I might get lucky and find time, but it’s not likely.  Better just make peace with it now than add even more stress trying to do the impossible and then seal it with a heavy coat of disappointment when it’s for naught.

  • Don’t forget all those extra daemons you’ll need for summoning :P

    And because of that I have to paint an entire Daemon army for NOVA. Spray Painting begins today lol

    • I’m not actually too stressed about that: even though I’m running Daemons, I’m not running what any reasonable person would call a summoning factory: if my experience at that HH tournament is any indication, I can expect to get one, maybe two extra units on the table over the course of the game.

      Also: I’ve got a metric asston of Bloodletters and Many Bloodcrushers I can put on the table immediately. To get where I want to be in terms of summonable stuff, I’ve got to finish three half-painted things I’m calling Skull Hunters (converted Varghulfs that could be Fiends or Drones) and assemble & paint three Screamers (which will go lightning fast. Nothing more.

      Really, it’s that Soul Grinder that’s giving me the ulcers worrying about.

      • Ugh I know that feeling. I’ve got two maulerfiends I need to paint. So much detail for a model that doesn’t live 99% of the time!

        And it sounds like you’re in pretty good shape for your summons. Quick question how many warp charges do you start off with?

        • Herald of Tzeentch – 3
          Herald of Slaanesh – 2
          Herald of Nurgle – 1
          Pink Horrors – 3

          Plus the Blue Scribes.

          Nine seems like a lot, but it also seems low for Daemons. Plus, the Horrors will run really close to 16, so it’s more like 2. And either/both the Slaaneshi and Nurgle Herald will Deep Strike in, so not all 9 will be on the table at the start of the game.

          • Yeah 9 is a really low number for daemons. My list starts with 15 on the board :P Though I have a feeling our lists are two different beasts.


            You’ve got what, at least 3x Max Horrors + 2x Lvl 3 HoT?

            I’ve got:

            HoK – Jug, Wrath
            HoS – Lvl 2, Beguilement
            HoN – Lv 1
            HoT – Lvl 3
            Blood Scribes

            Flamers x3
            Flamers x3

            Daemonettes x20
            Horrors x16
            Plaguebearers x10

            Fast Attack
            Flesh Hounds x12

            Heavy Support
            Soul Grinder
            Soul Grinder
            Soul Grinder

          • Kind of, its CSM main with Daemon allies.

            Nurgle Lord with all the Crimson Slaughter fixings and bike
            Sorcerer lvl 3 on bike

            Cultists x2

            Fast Attack
            5 Nurgle Spawn

            Maulfiends x2

            HoK – Jug, Wrath
            HoT – Lvl 3
            HoT – Lvl 3

            16 horrors x2

            Fast Attack
            19 dogs

            Its a tide/summoning list. Essentially all my fast stuff goes in your face and my horrors and heralds summon stuff that I need for the game.

          • Nice! Tough to not like that Nurgle Lord.

            Do be careful when prepping your summoned daemons: it sounds like they’re going to be… maybe “hostile” isn’t the right word, but certainly unfriendly to summoning-heavy armies:


            “If you show up to the NOVA Open with a Summoning Factory, and you throw down a bunch of identical-to-your-units model sets that can’t be easily distinguished from your own models and create extreme difficulties for your opponent, you are at high risk of having those models removed from play by the organizers. You’re also going to have your own struggles just placing and moving and keeping track of everything. Plus you’re going to struggle on mission. If you bring a summoning factory, every model you place down must be fully painted, WYSIWYG, and clearly distinguishable from other units in your army (just as your own army should be). Don’t push your luck, you aren’t going to get a lot of freedom of “oh it’s fine you can roughly tell” with this.”

            It should be clear enough with my units, but I’m still going to knock together a handful of “JUST VISITING, ANY BLOOD AROUND THESE PARTS?” tokens to accompany my summoned units; just to help ensure there’s no doubt.

          • Yeah. I’m going to be painting them like “normal.” The only difference is that I’m going to have 20 pink horrors and 20 blue horrors. I’ll recycle the dogs when they die (and they will die) and the other stuff I’ll summon isn’t actually in my list so it should be easy to distinguish. I just have to get more herald models that I can easily distinguish between my own and summoned ones. Fantasy Chaos Lords will fill this role and they look super good. I just hope I can paint them decently lol