Workbench Tuesday

Build mode for NoVA.

Built a Khornate Herald of Slaanesh (“Herald of Mayhem”):

2014-06-30 20.32.12

I’m also working on a third Soul Grinder that’s getting some conversion because why not.  It’s actually coming together pretty well, though:


2014-06-30 20.31.15

  • I love how you convert everything to Khorne for your daemon army. It sounds strange but when you look at it, its a sight to see!

    • Thanks!

      It legit started out as a pure Khornate army: Bloodthirsters, Bloodcrushers, Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds, etc, and I had a lot of fun playing it… that’s gotten steadily less and less viable, though, forcing me to dilute the BLOOD AND SKULLS PURITY of my list.

      I think it’s worked out for the best since, for me, the hobby is best when I’m converting really stupid things.