Wednesday Workbench

Wednesday Workbench 20141119

It’s Wednesday. I’ve been doing stuff: like building the Nomad half of Operation: Icestorm (plus the recommended “add these” units to flesh it out to a full list).

Need to work up the base on the Iguana suit: Dragon Forge doesn’t make 55mm bases in that range (and, for some reason, I didn’t realize that was a 55mm base; I thought it was a 40mm when I ordered the bases because I’m an idiot).

  • G Red

    The 55mm bases are a new thing Corvus Belli started about 6 months ago. Before that, they used 40mm bases and the universally reviled base extenders. Rather than tell their sculptors to fit the minis on 40mm bases, they went to the 55s. Not really a big deal for the new edition of the game though, since there will be a silhouette system for determining Lines of Fire. But if you have Icestorm you already have had a glimpse of that.

    The Nomads are a fun faction. Enjoy painting, and playing them. :)

    • That makes me feel better about not realizing it was a 55mm base. Somehow I thought it was a 40mm base, but I can’t imagine this thing fitting on one.

      I’m looking forward to giving the game a spin: I’m still searching for a skirmish game that I don’t hate.