To Infinity… almost

Wednesday Workbench 20141217

It’s been a bit over three weeks since I got all of these guys assembled, and I’ve made excellent progress on painting them.

They’re pretty close to being all done: I need to do a couple of finishing touches on the Healer (though I’m not happy with her and am half-inclined to strip the paint and start over), and I’ve got to wrap up the Iguana(s).  That’s it!

I got the chance to muddle through some how-to-play games with Chris S last week.  It’s not the full rules or anything (yes, the Mobile Brigada will have a flamethrower and a techno-rifle, but for this: he just has a gun), but enough to convey how the game plays, how the dice mechanic works, etc.

I like what I see so far… but I’m utterly boggled how anyone would or could play this in a tournament environment.  Given that A – my experience with “competitive” 40K and Fantasy is that you cannot assume your opponent will play his rules correctly (deliberately or accidentally) and B – (to make a wholly unfair generalization that I’m going to try to make as least awful as I can) competitive skirmish game players skew towards taking full advantage of every advantage than can wring out of a situation: Infinity’s expectation that you don’t even know what models your opponent has taken until they turn up just makes me tense up.

Like: there’s a whole “optical camo” thing where a model is invisible until they do something.  That’s facilitated by just not putting the model on the table and, when you decide to do something with them, put them down and say, “This guy’s been here, all along.”  In a vacuum, casually, that’s cool.  Hella cool, even.  With prizes or money on the line, though… We used to have a guy around for Fantasy who’d have Magic Standards on his units… that magically changed what they were from game to game to whatever was more appropriate against their opponent and situation.   There is no way that that guy’s list wouldn’t end up shifting from game to game, and no way his dudes wouldn’t uncloak in the most advantageous place, always.

What I’m saying is: I’m looking forward to actually playing Infinity (grown-up, all the rules Infinity, whenever it decides to come out), but I don’t think it’ll be what I play at NoVA this year. (Which is a shame, ’cause I’m still trying to figure out what that’s going to be.)

  • G Red

    The new ruleset is available as a free download right now, in case you are curious about the complete game, and don’t have the new book yet (it’s just been released). Here I’d recommend getting the markers too.

    TO camo in tournaments works fine. You ask you oppponent to walk away from the table or turn around then you put the mini in its place. You take a picture with your phone’s camera of the table with your mini in place. Then lift off the mini and tell your opponent its cool to turn around or come back. He/she does the same. If there is any doubt about placement, you have the photo. Simples. As far as not knowing what your opponent has, the tournament rule is that everything is open information, except for a few specific items, camo markers, hidden and airborne deployment, your Lieutenant and the SWC cost for the minis in your force– because that can reveal a lieutenant.

    Standard tournament practice is to deploy your force and then introduce everything on the table to your opponent. It only takes a few minutes. Plus it is always a good idea to write down other info, like if you’ve downgraded your airborne deployment to avoid being hacked, etc. Since everybody plays by the same rules, there is rarely a problem. ( I know in 40k each army has its own special to itself rules. :P)

    Infinity tournament play is nothing like the 40k/Fantasy play– as a matter of fact, you’ll have to unlearn a lot of what you know from 40k– a dreadful ruleset for tournaments, really. We actually finish games in under 2 hours. Anyway, current “official” tournament rules and scenarios are here for the time being. Corvus Belli is in the process of migrating the web site. Not all the scenarios are very good though.

    • Yeah, Chris S. sent me a copy of the new rules mirrored on Google Drive just before I hopped on a plane, so it was good timing. (I think my hardcopy’s supposed to show up in the mail today.)

      The cameraphone thing makes perfect, perfect sense.

      I finished getting everything painted over the weekend. Now I just need the holidays to stop, you know, being the holidays and I can start actually playing!