Wednesday Workbench

When Chris announced a Flames of War Great War tournament back at the end of April, that was the motivation I needed to (finally) start making progress on painting all the stuff I’d picked up for it over the back half of last year. Well, just over a month later, I’m almost done painting all of it.

Wednesday Workbench 20160608 (4)

Progress really flew, as I’ve mentioned.  It’s been pretty empowering, really. Between making super fast progress on these (all told, it was just a hair over a month, which is less time than I’d expected) and the release of the Flames of War – Pacific (the theater I find more interesting), I’ve started picking up some USMC models.

Wednesday Workbench 20160608 (3)

I’m not all the way done, though: I still have some (glorious) A7Vs to paint. I freaking love A7Vs. This is just getting in the base colors, two of them will be getting camouflage.  They’re going to get painted up as:

  • 503 – unnamed – a buntfarbenanstrich-ish (I’m sure there’s a correct name for it) camo.  Skull and crossbones on the front, more modern crosses
  • 506 – “Mephisto” – blotchy, soft-edge camo.  Devil on the front.
  • 561- “Nixe” –  Grey
  • 563 – “Wotan” – Grey

Need to do the camo on the two, then details, the weather them and I’m done.  Maybe I can finish that this week?

Wednesday Workbench 20160608 (2)

My Deadzone Infestation pledge showed up last week (it was delayed by a pledge manager SNAFU).  So far I’m liking what I see; probably have a longer, rambling post about it.  Got a crapton of terrain out of it; I’ve been making quick progress prepping the bits.

Wednesday Workbench 20160608 (1)

Finally, once the A7Vs are done, I’ve got a bit over a 100 1:72 Red Devils to paint up for an Arnhem game we’ve been planning for later this year. These are mostly Plastic Soldier Company, but with some Eureka minis in there, too.  I think the work will go quickly, which is good because I’m burning 2016 – I need to figure out what I’m going to work on for the Historicon and NoVA painting competitions and then get on it.  It’s already June!

  • Drathmere

    Are you happy with the changes to the Capitol Palette?

    • They changed it? How? (I don’t pay attention to this sort of thing.)

      • Drathmere

        completely. It is more european now where models do not compete against each other. They are judged along a single scale. The idea is that some years there will never be gold models and some years there will be many. You definitely need to read up on it. It may change how you choose to paint, since all models are judged against each other as well as every model ever painted. (e.g. a universal gold standard kind of thing) At least that is my take on it. I am on the fence on it.

        • Not sure how I feel about that. I’m sure it won’t do me any favors.

          I don’t actually paint for competition. With a few exceptions (I can literally count them on one hand and have room to spare), all of my entries have been something I’d painted to play with that I decide to enter. That’s always worked against me: the effort (time, logistical, LOE/model) that goes into a competition model is very different from what goes into one of many models for play.

          That I’ve done as well as I’ve done is probably a testament to a weak field: I do better in the historical categories, for example, because they simply don’t see as many entries.

          So a move to a universal scale: almost certainly means I won’t do as well, which means I’m probably not a fan. (No point in trying to delude myself, right?)

          Between photos of what comes out of some of these bigger shows and MV doing the judging… my prediction is that there won’t be a lot of a lot going around at the CP this year. This will result in fewer, not more awards going around, and my gut says that that’s worse, not better, for the competition. They’re already trying to get us the hell out of the way so they can get on with the Malifaux awards or whatever (remember, they didn’t even bother with any non-Gold photos last year). What’s going to happen, “Guess nobody won in the painting competition this year. Moving on…”?

          I’ll have to read up on it (though it likely won’t impact how/what I choose to paint much if at all), and I’ll have to give it a try (I can’t have an informed opinion until I’ve seen it run), but my instinct says that I’d rather have a competition that isn’t on par with the Crystal Brush and has more activity than one that is and has less.

          • Drathmere

            I appreciate your thoughts on this. We are in similar positions. I normally paint models for gaming purposes. I actually find it hard to paint things that are not for wargaming. Even the move to 20mm was somewhat weird to me. It took a while to embrace it. Having gamers paint models was part of the charm of the CP. I think these changes are geared towards more of a crystal brush level of event. I’ve been invited to the CB before and decided not to go because of the stress of the event. Maybe this way of judging is better, though it feels like we are all competing for the same slot now. I enjoyed picking my categories, which allowed me to avoid the fantasy category.

            I might not enter anything. I have nothing prepared at the moment and time is running out. I signed up to help with the 30k event terrain and have been painting non-stop for it.

          • Finally got around to reading them.

            I don’t like it. Putting aside the concerns I’ve already expressed, there is _no_ guidance on how they’ll be evaluated. There’s literally more verbage put into explaining what a diorama is than there is explaining how the entries will be evaluated (which literally doesn’t go beyond “individually”).

            This document is 99% convention legal CYA (which I do not begrudge) and 1% enumeration of the categories.

            This is a level of loosey gooseyness out of band with even the relatively minor $25 I’ve spent on the competition.