Green! – Frostgrave Cultists, Veer-myn

I’ve been painting the Deadzone starter Strike Teams; I’m most of the way through the Veer-myn models.

DZ - Veer-myn - Group

I was very excited when Mantic first announced these things, and ended up getting a box of them around the time the first Deadzone started shipping.  Restic, though, so they’ve sat around in the hobby closet ever since, however.

As I’ve noted, a lot of the Mantic hard plastic sprues are enough to make one yearn for the good ol’ days of restic.  The Veer-myn sprues are a good example of this: not great contact points, with weirdly balanced models that are kind of a pain to glue to the base, and so-so detail.  I haven’t been super-impressed.  (I’ll have a couple of them done by the end of the week, I hope.)

DZ - Veer-myn - Nightstalkers

The restic Veer-myn, though: swing the other way in terms to detail: a lot, probably too much, detail for what should be a rank-and-file model. Also, the ones with Pistols? Blech. Whoever decided to make the arms metal but the pistol + hand and the arm itself as separate pieces is someone with exceedingly poor judgement: I can’t see how it adds anything beyond a super convenient place to have your model break.

DZ - Veer-myn - Broodmother

The Broodmother is a sufficiently impressive model.  It’s big enough that I ended up screwing around with oils on it a bit.  Not very well, mind you, but a bit. I like it… but the detail around the head is not very good

Frostgrave Cultists

I scheduled a game of Frostgrave for later this week, which is funny because I was just fussing at Shades about how Frostgrave was DOA at Huzzah.  Because I’ve been happy painting this green, and because I’ve sort of Needed to shut myself in the basement for a day over the weekend, I went ahead and painted up a bunch of the Frostgrave Cultist models for the game.

I blew through them over the weekend. I’m very happy with them; I’m not sure how well the faces (the few you can see) show up in the photo, but I’m extremely pleased with them.

  • Mike Schaefer

    It’s nice to see the alternative, olive color-scheme. I’ve never been fond of Mantic’s choice of yellow for the Veer-myn. I might go an orangish-brown on mine, or maybe a reddish-brown or a darker olive, depending on how hard it is to distinguish the organic parts from the suits.

    Glad to hear you’re going to get to play Frostgrave!

    • I like the yellow (though maybe not the specific tone), but wanted to do something different. I’d have gone with a bright orange, but had a rough time with it on some of the Brokkr.

      They definitely want something ugly and industrial. If I weren’t so lazy, they’d want some weathering.

      And yeah: we got in a game last week and are going to try to keep up with it, at least long enough to play through the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign.

  • Drathmere

    I really like these guys. I think they are some of your stand out miniatures. Orange, green, and pink colors really make these pop. On one of Mike’s hobby hangouts we tracked down the original greens for these. The original sculpts are really incredible. I think you’ve captured that feel with your paint scheme. Kudos!

    • Thanks?

      I’m less enamored with them, mostly because the sculpts are more detailed than I think they should be. I’m happy with the skin tone on them: pink rat faces is more appropriate than the tanned rat faces I used on my Skaven years back.