NOVA Open 2016 Approaching

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I’ve finally settled on what I’m doing at NOVA this year.

This is the second year I’ve hit this point: Register early, Knowing that I’ll want to go but not really knowing what I’ll want to do there. Months pass as I enjoy gaming… just not games that happen at NOVA.  The convention approaches and I realize I’ve got nothing to do there.

I’m registered for a couple of seminars, most on Thursday, one on Saturday. I’ve signed up for the Capital Palette, of course, but this year I might not enter anything: the change in format (something I’m less than enthused about but remain open to) adds a layer of stress over the whole thing, and stress is not something I need more of in 2016.

I have one model that I might enter, if I can finish it in the next three weeks, which might or might not happen.

40K is still not something I want to go anywhere near.  30K’s not an option (somewhat more than a partially assembled copy of Betrayal at Calth is likely required).  Age of Sigmar is not for me. Most of the round-lip skirmish games are not for me.  I’m so offended by the Infinity painting expectations that I can’t bring myself to play it.

Now that they’ve posted some non-build-and-play events, though, I think I can get behind giving Wrath of Kings a run.  I like the game okay, they’re single-day events, and I think I can get things painted in time for it.

(Yes, it’s not lost on me that, offended as I am about Infinity and painting, I can expect to see some unpainted minis playing Wrath of Kings.  I could elaborate on why it’s less of a problem for me with Wrath of Kings, but it’d mostly be bitching about the Infinity approach to painting, and that’d be less than fully constructive.)

WoK to Paint

I think I can paint this up well enough in the 25 days or so until the tournament.  25 models.  I’d rather play Hadross, but I know I can paint people faster than I can trippy fishmen, so Goritsi it is.

There’s a Skirmish tournament on Friday and a Battle tournament on Saturday.  I have no illusions about being able to be fully painted for the Battle tournament.  My plan is to do the Skirmish tournament on Friday and decide: is it a non-event? Are people even there? If people are there, how painted are they? If the Friday Skirmish tournament goes okay, and if there’s a lot of bare PVC, I might do the Saturday Battle tournament.  Otherwise, I’ll sleep in and show up in time to learn how to paint sheer fabric.

This is my last year, I think, of registering for NOVA in January. It costs too much to have to find something to do.  In 2017, I’ll have to think about it and decide over the summer.

  • masterslowpoke

    My brother and I are signed up for the Friday WoK skirmish, so there will at least be three of us!

    • Two round tournament! Everybody plays everybody else!

      Honestly, I don’t know that it’ll be all that bad, but I do have a vague recollection that the tournaments effectively didn’t happen last year due to lack of participation (that was one very long year ago, though, so I wouldn’t give that too much credence).

      • masterslowpoke

        I think them giving away starter sets in the SuperNova swag bags last year will help a lot. I’ve seen a few people post about it in one of the WoK facebook pages as well.

        • Maybe. I know a lot of folks were excited about getting them, but at the same time: everyone who got a SuperNOVA bag last year was there for something else.

          We’ll definitely see. Worst case, it’s a small thing, we all still get a couple of low-pressure games in for one of the cheapest tournaments there ($15 is one of the cheapest, if not cheapest, events). I’m not super worried about it.

  • Scott Simoneau

    Can always play Dropzone! :)

    Also, AoS is a lot better now with the General’s Handbook rules….

    I’ll check out WoK this Thursday when y’all play…I have the werewolf crew (from NOVA last year), but didn’t really enjoy the game the times I’ve tried it. Maybe now with different people it’ll be different?

    • Dropzone: not for me, I’m afraid.

      I hear people say these words about Age of Sigmar, but they don’t compute. I don’t understand how adding points resolves the real fundamental issues with how the game plays or the baroque level of complexity imposed by individual unit rules. Points have never been the problem with Age of Sigmar (A problem, for sure, but never THE problem).

      I haven’t played WoK a whole bunch, but I’ve liked it okay the handful of times I’ve played it. It’s complex enough without being too complex. It’s got the right number of models. It’s got badass fish dudes (even if I’ll be painting up the werewolf dudes instead for NOVA).