Base color scheme 

I’m really digging this color scheme: I kind of want to see what it’ll look like on a mech or something.  

Maybe I’ll pick up a Merc TAG or something and try to do it up enough for Historicon/NOVA.

It’s my not-grey grey that I use on A7Vs, Averland Sunset, and Ushabti Bone.

(Also, I’m posting through the WordPress app for the second time.  Hoping that gets me posting here more.)

  • Lemminkaeinen

    Very nice! I’ve been doing grey bases but they usually end up a bit lifeless but that grey tone is amazing and all the life you’ve given it with the shading – top work! And the yellow isn’t too over the top. Great stuff!

    • Thanks! It’s actually green (Cryx Bane Base), grey (Bastion Grey), and khaki (Hammerfall Khaki): I’m a big, big fan of that combo.