Weekend Workbench

Working on some more Warsenal bases; Tunguskan, for my Nomads.

I’ve seriously become a huge fan of these bases.  My Nomads are currently based on Dragonforge bases which, although IMO they’re the best resin bases out there, aren’t quite right for the Nomads and with a ~4 month manufacturing time simply aren’t viable for me any more.

Also: packed for Madicon:

  • Drathmere

    These are astonishingly crisp. Do you plan to weather them at all?

    • A little. (In fact, I just finished it this morning.) Some black oils worked into the creases, and some black and burnt umber glazed across the whole. I’m sure I’ll put up a photo at some point today.

      It’s tough, because I don’t want it to look factory-new, but these are supposed to represent colony ships,
      So there’s not a lot of space for dirt or mess, because that sort of thing would get people killed.