It came from the Lightbox: Infinity Nomads

I’m super far behind on posting photos of my painted minis (past the quick workbench photos I’ve been posting).  Time to fix that.  Since I’ve been painting Infinity Nomads, I’ll be posting Infinity Nomads.

(This is not all of my Nomads: just the Nomads I’ve painted since the last time I posted something from the lightbox.)

  • Mike Schaefer

    Wow, so much detail to paint! Nice work.

    I especially like the jetpack dudes. If I’m not mistaken, one of those guys is scarfing down some Chinese noodles, ha, ha!

    • Corvus Belli puts out some incredibly detailed metal models, and it’s all of such excellent quality there’s hardly any prep required for them.

      And yeah, that’s the Fat Yuan Yuan: an April Fool’s Day joke that ran for better part of a decade before they gave in and made a plus-sized version of their go-to model to make variants of. He actually comes packaged in a Chinese food container.