It came from the lightbox: Shadespire

These guys were speedpainted, so there are definitely things that could use touching up, but I’m satisfied with them.  In fact, while I’m “These are OK” about the Sigmarite Steelheart’s Champions, I’m actually very pleased with how the Khornate Garrek’s Reavers turned out.  Not perfect, but striking.

  • Steven Williams

    For speed painted models, they are awesome. I saw the models in the flesh last week and was tempted despite still being a teeny bit bitter about the end of the Old World. May have to pick it up.

    • How sour am I on Age of Sigmar? They rereleased Warhammer Quest and I turned up my nose because it was set in the AoS.

      But the models are good looking, with the right amount of detail, and painted up stupidly quick.

      And I like the game.

      • Steven Williams

        I succumbed to Warhammer Quest, but only because I have plans to put them on square bases to use with the original WHQ (except the characters – they’re too AoS!).