It came from the lightbox: Shadespire Sepulchral Guard

Of the four warbands I’ve painted for Shadespire, I’m easily the most happy with these. These specific models are why I picked up Shadespire; that they turned out the way they did makes me even happier with them.

  • Mike Schaefer

    Sweet! Looking good! I really like the weathering on the swords. How’d you do that?

    • It’s my old style of doing rust: I do a wash with Doombull Brown, some water, a drop or two of matte medium, and then a drop of two of rubbing alcohol. Apply liberally, let dry, then repeat with Fireslayer Orange.

      I can take some photos to show consistency if you want.

      • Mike Schaefer

        That’s OK, good sir. The recipe is enough. I definitely want to experiment with it. Thank you!

        • Right on! Just make sure you do the alcohol last; if you add anything after the alcohol, it screws up the surface tension.

  • Jerry Kane

    Really like the blue/ grey colours for the cloth, what is it? Looks great, almost bright but dark at the same time!

    • Thanks! I’m definitely most happy about it.

      It was, IIRC:
      GW Dark Reaper basecoast
      VMC Dark Blue Grey layer
      VMC Blue Grey Pale
      P3 Turqoise Ink + water + matte medium glaze*

      *I don’t remember the proportions, but I look for a consistency ~= 3:3:2 GW wash, water, matte medium