Weekend Workbench

Workin’ on Warsenal.

  • Mike Schaefer

    What do you do second, Richard — the panels or the panel-lines?

    • I’m still muddling my way through this, but my plan is to:
      – Prime white
      – Prime lines and shadows black
      – 3 color build things up (I’ve done grey here) from largest areas to smallest areas
      – stencil in details where appropriate
      – spot in lights
      – assemble
      – glue down any posters
      – varnish
      – pin wash panel lines w/ oils
      – transfers (Micro Art has some rad Infinity graffiti transfers)
      – weather with oils
      – varnish
      – look at the other 8 buildings I have to do and sob

      • Mike Schaefer

        Wow, that’s a lot of work. I’m sure the results are worth it, though.

        Thanks for the break-down!

        • We’ll see. I’m pretty sure I’m fucking it up.

          The most effective Infinity terrain I’ve seen was definitely painted with three colors per piece, with good color choices. Metallics were black/grey/white, greens were dark green/light green/yellow and I think that _might_ have been it.

  • Drathmere

    What is warsenal?

    • https://warsen.al/

      They make, hands-down, the _swankest_ Infinity terrain and tokens out there. They also do some Dark Age and are starting to make some Warmachine stuff. They make the bases I use for my Infinity figures.

      You should definitely check out what they make; it’s gorgeous and makes most of the other MDF manufacturers look like busters.