Xi Guan Progress

Pretty much done with the two Xi Guan Shops, which means I’m halfway done! The final stretch isn’t going to be easy, since the Office Buildings are more complex, and while I’m not sure about the Tower, I have no illusions about Lo Pan’s Noodle Hut.

Also, “done” is relative. I’m working to get these things assembled, which means painting, varnishing, and assembly. I’ll varnish them again before I play with them, and once everything’s “done,” I’ll come back with some oils to dirty everything up.

This second batch of buildings went much more smoothly than the first. Some lessons learned, for sure.

  • Drathmere

    I really looking forward to seeing oils, graffiti, and posters on these things!

    • Me, too! Might be a bit, though: immediate term goal is to get these things playable. Then, I’ve got some dudes I need to paint before the next tournament, _then_ I can come back and grime them up.