DCC Neogi & Umber Hulk

I felt like converting Neogi to DCC this morning, so I converted Neogi to DCC this morning.

Neogi (d8): Init +3; Atk claw +5 melee (1d2+3) or bite +4 melee (1d4+3 plus slowing poison) or dominate missile fire (special, 30′); AC 16; HD 5d8; hp 23; MV walk or climb 30′; Act 2d20; SP slowing poison, immune to illusions; SV Fort -1, Ref +3, Will +3; AL L.

Slowing poison – The bite of a neogi confers a slowing poison. The target of a successful bite attack must succeed at a DC 15 Fort save or lose 1d4 Personality, regained as if spellburned. Adjust Will save accordingly.

Dominate – 3 times a day, a Neogi may attempt to impose its subjugate another creature to its will. The target must succeed at a DC 15 Will save or be dominated by the neogi for 24 hours. Refer to Charm Person: depending on Judge’s preference for allowing PC’s to be controlled, “dominated” is either equal to a failure on the 12-13 result (dazed for 1d4 rounds) or a failure on the 14-17 (complete control, no suicidal actions, etc).

Neogi, Great Old Master: Init +0; Atk swallow +0 melee (1d12); AC 14; HD 20d8; hp 90; MV walk 15′; Act 1d20; SP swallow, full of young, immune to illusions; SV Fort +3, Ref -3, Will +6; AL L.

Swallow – If the Great Old Master Neogi is able to swallow or is fed another creature, it will do 1d12 damage to that creature every round until it is dead or that creature is able to cut itself out by doing 20 points of damage (damage caused by other creatures do not count for this).

Full of young – Great Old Masters are full of writhing young neogi; if it takes damage from a piercing, slashing, or burning attack, 2d4 neogi will crawl out of the wound and attack.

Umber Hulk (d4): Init +0; Atk claw +8 melee (3d4) or bite +7 (1d10); AC 18; HD 8d8+8; hp 44; MV walk or burrow 20′; Act 2d10′; SP confuse; SV Fort +6; Ref +0; Will -3; AL C.

Umber Hulk, Dominated (1/Neogi): Init +0; Atk claw +6 melee (3d4) or bite +5 (1d10); AC 18; HD 8d8+8; hp 44; MV walk or burrow 20′; Act 2d10′; SP confuse; SV Fort +4; Ref -2; Will -3; AL C.

Confuse – Anyone gazing into the eyes of an Umber Hulk must make a DC 13 Will Save or become confused, unable to tell friend from foe. Roll 1d8, modified by Luck: (2 or less) melee attack the nearest party member; (3-5) take no action this turn; (6+) melee attack the nearest enemy.  At the beginning of a character’s turn, a character can avert their eyes to avoid needing to make the Will Save, but count as blinded (suffering a -4 penalty) for any rolls involving the Umber Hulk.

Historicon 2017

Historicon came and went a week or so ago, as I’m sure you might have heard.

I went down for the day Thursday, then was around Friday through Saturday; I’d planned on sticking around through Sunday, but by dinner time on Saturday I was ready to be home.

Thursday, I got to play in Miles’ SOCOM & Sorcery game. It was pretty perfect as a convention game, I think: the rules kept things moving fast and were easy to pick up. He was a machine running it (or the WWII variant, DAK & Dragons) something like 6 times over the weekend. The scenario was simple: good guys at one end of the table, bad guys at the other. Both needed to get to the pyramid in the middle to get a hold of a professor within it. Monsters and random things happened along the way.

Friday morning, I got there just in time for Graham’s Muskets & Tomahawks game: I’ve wanted to play M&T a try for a long time. His game used a few minor tweaks to make it more appropriate for King Phillip’s war (IIRC: making black powder weapons less accurate and distributing pikes to the Europeans). The table was gorgeous, the minis were great, the rules were excellent. The only problem with the game were the other players. PROTIP: joking about genocide isn’t funny. I had an excellent time, despite the other folks: Graham clearly has a deep interest in and love of the period.


I did make it out to the Firelock Games “tournament.” It was a huge disappointment. I was actually pretty disappointed by the Firelock presence, but I think that was mostly due to peculiar expectations. Basically, I expected them to be just like the By Fire & Sword guys, and they weren’t. More’s the pity. They’ve got a lot in common: their game was funded by KS, laser-focused on a specific place & period, their first Historicon. The BF&S guys are 1000% enthusiasm, and one thing that’s stuck with me was _their_ Historicon tournament: they had tables a plenty and armies to go around… it wasn’t actually a tournament, just organized play to expose people to the game. The Blood & Plunder thing was clearly an afterthought. (Which was a shame, because my models for it look great, and I’d been looking forward to pushing them around.)

Is it reasonable to hold them to the Polish standard? Probably not, but that’s how I ended the weekend feeling.

Saturday was the Painting Contest: my fifth. The Painting Contest is actually why I started going to Historicon: Dave Taylor was organizing the first ever contest, and had asked people to come out and enter things.  Historicon was just down the road, so it was super-easy for me to drop off models.  It’s also probably the only reason I’ll brave the drive up to Lancaster for Historicon in 2018.

I did well: of six entries, five placed.

Tercio Creativo/1650 – Rodrigo de Silva – A Tercio Creativo model won me First for Historical Single and Best of Show for a second year in a row.  I was really surprised by this: I feel that what I’ve got here isn’t as good as I could do, and there are some aspects of the model I kinda hate (the dumb dagger on the cape, the papers where the sword touches the ground).  Also, I’m still super-bitter about my Kickstarter experience with Tercio Creativo, regardless of how great their models look.

Trenchworx – A7V – My A7V placed third.  I love this model and am extremely proud of it… but I’m totally content with third, as there were some great entries in this category. This includes my buddy John E.‘s M-10, which came in first, won Best in Theme, and Best of Warlord.  (Between the two of us, I feel like we really cleaned up this year, like John S. and I did last year. ☺)

Asmodee/Hell Dorado – Angelo Casaviecchi – I was going to enter my Demogorgon, but the night before the convention I decided that wasn’t good enough and that I needed do something else.

Seriously. I painted this guy in a few hours; probably about 5 hours or so, tops (break to watch some TV with my blessedly tolerant wife, a walk with the dog, some breaks for varnish to cure and oils to dry).  So, yes: I’m very surprised and pleased with how well this guy did.

Also, a moment of silence for Hell Dorado?

Red Box Games – Tradkarl, Northstar Games/Frostgrave – Barbarians – I entered these guys to have something to enter. I love ’em, but was surprised to see them place so highly.  They’re my tabletop quality.

(I seriously love the Northstar Frostgrave plastic kits, and if you’re doing something Norse or barbarianish not going to Tre Manor for your wizard, you’re doing it wrong.)

Hasslefree – Immortant Drumpf – Not surprised he didn’t place. Was surprised that I only got positive feedback on this guy.

Corvus Belli/Infinity – Anaconda – She got first place in his category, but I’m not going to show photos of this one ’cause I’m going to enter her at NOVA and actually hope he’ll do well.  But I’m very pleased with her and had been planning to paint her since last NOVA.

I had a great time, but going down on Thursday meant I was toast by end of the day Saturday.

Despite my earlier protests, I will probably go back to Historicon in 2018, despite it being in Lancaster (but I’m not going to be happy about it).

It came from the Lightbox: More Nomads

I painted up a few more minis while waiting for some terrain to show up in the mail.

Between that terrain being delivered and a last couple of weeks to see if I can get anything together for Historicon, this’ll probably be the last painting post I make for a bit. (Which is a shame, ’cause I’d just started getting some momentum back up here.)


Bandits are rad.  They just are.  I don’t know why I think 90’s urban camo is the dumbest thing but also the coolest thing, but I do, so I was happy to have an excuse to use it on the Bandit figures.

I’m still struggling with non-Caucasian skin.  This came out… okay, but not the way I imagined it would.  Carlota’s a Tomcat and Tomcats are great; I only got her because I really needed a second Zondcat.

Two Midnight Sun Analysts: the one on the left is the standard one, and the one on the right is the Infinity RPG variant.  In space, you can have purple muttonchops. =


The WordPress app was being a pain yesterday, so here’s a snapshot of my workbench from last night.

Just knocking out a couple of Nomad models while I wait for a box of buildings to show up (tomorrow!): a Bandit, Carlotta Kowalsky, and two Midnight Sun Analysts.

Unsure how I feel about how Carlotta’s skintone is coming out.  I keep trying to 1) do more non-Caucasian fleshtones and 2) do better with them.


It came from the Lightbox: Infinity Nomads

I’m super far behind on posting photos of my painted minis (past the quick workbench photos I’ve been posting).  Time to fix that.  Since I’ve been painting Infinity Nomads, I’ll be posting Infinity Nomads.

(This is not all of my Nomads: just the Nomads I’ve painted since the last time I posted something from the lightbox.)

Infinity – Alexandria 3 Rounder

I got out to my first Infinity Tournament this past weekend.  The event was organized via the local NoVA Infinity Gaming FB Group The event was run at a school, which was pretty cool: the space was perfect for a couple dozen people, and they had pigs in a pen just outside.

I went in expecting to get my teeth kicked in and, in fact, did get my teeth kicked in, so mission accomplished. The important thing is, though, is that everyone I played with was super supportive and helpful and I can absolutely walk back how events played out in each game to mistakes I’d made (and in one place, a few key dice rolls that had a greater impact than any mistakes).  Really, that’s all I could ask for.

It was a great time and, as I’d said, everyone was super supportive and helpful, and I’m looking forward to seeing these folks at future events.

I ran Corregidor, with the following lists: List A, List B

Round 1 was against a Vanilla Nomad list; Justin ran kind of a camo spam list.  I feel like I held my own here OK… even though I didn’t actually accomplish any of the objectives. Bran do Castro really did some damage.

Round 2 was against Vanilla Ariadna.  Len had a ton of light infantry.  Duroc popped in and, even though I was ready for Van Zandt to show up and make life difficult, he just kept making rolls and I kept failing ’em.  The dang werewolf ended up killing about a third to a half of my army alone.

After that, I ran the Iguana around with something resembling impunity.  It wasn’t effective, but it felt good.

Round 3 was against… J?  I’ve forgotten his name, unfortunately.  He was running Tohaa. I got to more mobile than usual time time around, but paid for it: overextended with the wrong units, was too cautious with the wrong units. Even dumped a bunch of orders into accomplishing  a Classified Objective… that I didn’t have!

In the end, I was 0, 1, and 3 Objective Points across the three games… but they were all good games and I had a great time.  Definitely pumped for more Infinity and definitely pumped for the table I ordered a couple of weeks ago from Shark Mounted Lasers to show up.

Some painted Bones

Bones 3 showed up in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve idly knocked out a few items from it.  There’s something liberating and relaxing about simply picking up a model to paint and blowing through it.

I started with the terrain pieces:

The Mystic Circle’s a great piece.  The Mythos expansion came with a few terrain pieces, including an altar that fits the stones perfectly.

There are a few other pieces, too, from Mythos & Stoneskull:

The Graveyard expansion included a mausoleum that’s pretty rad:

I’m very happy with how the roof of the mausoleum came out:

Finally, I painted up a couple of models I thought were especially rad.

They’re serviceable paintjobs, but that’s really what Bones minis want.

All in all, the perfect painting palette cleanser.