Semi-random Gaming

Skirmish with Tatars

Some ~random gaming going on:

  • Thursday, Huzzah’s Chris ran me through a Flames of War – Great War teaching/demo game.  I liked it well enough, but dang, it feels like a persnickety game.  The mini rulebook is something like 3x the length of the 7E 40K rulebook (yes, it has a ton of excellent diagrams, but that can only account for so much), and a handful of the rules feel weird (but I’m 99% sure that’s because I’m used to the way Warhammer does things and this isn’t Warhammer/40K/Bolt Action).  Still, I expect it’ll paint up lightning-fast, and, given the new wave of stuff coming out for it soonish, it sounds like it might see more play at the store, so I expect I’ll give it some more play.


  • Saturday was Frank‘s By Fire & Sword Tournament; at 12 people, it was nearly as big as the one ran at Historicon.  It’s a good game, but I think I need to 1) play it a lot more to internalize the rules (the only way I can actually get my head around a game) and 2) read the rulebook(s), each of which is the size of Gdansk and weigh as much as a Winged Hussar.  I ran the Imperial Outpost, so I brought pike & shot to a predominantly cavalry fight, and went 1/1/1. In each case, though, I could point to something I did wrong or a mistake I’d made, which is pretty much all one can ask for, right?  Anyway, it was a good time, and it sounds like Casey‘s (FINALLY) gotten his Swedes, so I expect I’ll be playing it more soon.
  • This coming Thursday, I’ll be playing Wrath of Kings with Bill, who I haven’t played with in years.  A confluence of events have conspired to put a couple of Kings of War armies (Goritsi and Hadross or, as I prefer, “werewolf dudes” and “fish dudes”), and I played a quick demo of it at NOVA.

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  1. elphilo

    If you want some narrative 40k games you should come out on Fridays to huzzah. I’ve got a campaign going on :P

    I know you said you were kind of over 40k, but just offering as Fridays are supposed to be for fun and the farthest thing from tournament play I’ve seen in ages lol.

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