WWI German Infantry

I’m running an Amiens, 1918 game for TGS in January. This is good, since we’ve yet to do anything outside of WWII… but it’s bad because we’ve yet to do anything outside of WWII so whatever’s going on the table is going to have to get built and painted between now and then.

A confluence of motivations (including the above) has me running the game with Bolt Action (plus some modifications, beginning with lifting heavily from here) except in 15mm.  Someone mentioned it (running BA in the smaller scale but keeping ranges, etc, the same) on the DAHGS list and it sounded really cool.  Anyway, I made odd decisions sometimes.

German Test Model

This is my (unbased) test model for the German infantry.   I’d ask for C&C, but the color on this quick-cameraphone-photo doesn’t feel quite right so I’m not sure if it’s even worth asking for it.  It’s possibly too green and not enough grey; it feels too close to looking like the WWII USMC I painted last summer,  A different wash might help with that.

It’s also not-quite 15mm; I got buckets of Old Glory/Blue Moon figures and they’re very tall 15mm compared to the Flames of War WWI figures:


One of you is lying about your size

However I proceed, if I can keep the approach about as complicated as this, I’ll be able to blow through these guys in no time.  The hope is to blow through the Germans, maybe knock out the ones I have based for Flames of War while I’m at it then figure out how I’m going to tackle the Brits & Australians.

2 thoughts on “WWI German Infantry

  1. Drathmere

    These guys look a lot like ww2 German infantry. Didn’t they have spikes on their helmets or something? Regardless, I am really looking forward to the game. This time I want to play British. Mark V tanks are going to be a lot of fun.

  2. Rushputin

    The pickelhaube was around at the beginning of WWI, but was phased out for the steel helmet halfway through.

    Germans at the end of WWI look an awful lot like Germans at the beginning of WWII.

    There’ll be Mark Vs and Mark V*s stuff full of murderous Australian shocktroops.

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