Gotta edge these suckers and Dulcote ’em and I’m done.  New painted Nomads will go on them.

Next up: some Nomads (I’m thinking Tomcats and Morans) and/or my remaining unpainted Goritsi Skorza models because now that I have a solid base of painted Goritsi, it’s not a long march to get paint a few models and change the way they play.

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  1. Mike Schaefer

    They’re looking sharp, Richard. That is some nice color modulation.

    I bet it was a pain to paint the details precisely between the lines, but it’s worth it for such a crisp result.

    What paint did you use for the yellow? I would be challenged to find a yellow that is so well-behaved that it offered such even coverage for painting patterns like that.

  2. Rushputin

    Thanks! That transition has become a favorite; I’ve got one more thing I’m going to do with it and then I think I need to walk away from it.

    The details weren’t so bad, actually. It’s all laser-etched acrylic, so I was able to dial in 99% of the time without much trouble and the few times I oops’: lining in those recesses with black fixed them.

    The yellow’s just GW Averland Sunset. It’s a base , and it’s a nice desaturated yellow. Thinned down: no problem, especially over such small areas.

  3. Mike Schaefer

    Cool beans. Thanks! [pulls out his as-yet-unused pot of Averland Sunset….]

  4. greggles

    My brain has trouble wrapping around the fact that these are painted. They are so clean and sharp and amazingly done. I hope you bring some of these to Nova so I can check them out later this year!

  5. Rushputin

    Thanks! It’s really easier than it seems: all of those panels are laser-etched in there, so there are easy lines to stay in. :) (Also, there are absolutely some sloppy masking over-sprays in there, but I’m hoping nobody notices them / I’m able to obscure them with feet.)

    I still need to figure out what I’m doing at NOVA! Maybe it’ll be Infinity!

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