Masters of the Universe: Battleground

I grew up with He-Man. Some of my earliest memories are of base housing in South Carolina, watching He-Man, wandering around the neighborhood playing with the figures.

I’ve kept up with it. My early profile of pic (that I created in Photoshop for LiveJournal of all things over 20ish years ago) lives on as the favicon on this site. Look at the browser tab: it’s The Most Interesting Hordak in the World:

Time and moves (so many moves) has consumed all of my childhood figures, but I’ve kept a lot of the figures from my MOTU Classics subscription.

Hordak and the Evil Horde are clearly my boys. Snake Men a second. (Yes, I need to dust. Shut up.)

So you can imagine the mix of emotions I’ve had about Masters of the Universe minis games. You can imagine the mix of emotions I’ve had that there are (multiple) Masters of the Universe games.

Three games!

  • Masters of the Universe: Fields of Eternia – Archon Studios – I’ve been hyped about this game for years, entirely because it was the first MOTU minis game I was aware of… but I’ve also been frustrated that it’s inexplicably EU only. Outrageous!
  • Masters of the Universe: Clash for Eternia – CMON – This game is almost certainly why FoE is EU-locked. I’m pretty bummed about that. I’m also conflicted: I honestly haven’t gotten a lot of value out of previous CMON minigames… I think they’re mini Kickstarters first and actual playable games second… the minis are the best boardgame minis out there, but they’re also boardgame minis. Also, it’s weird as hell that they’re putting out a DM’d boardgame in 2022 CE. Anyway: I’m all in on it, because it was inevitable.
  • Masters of the Universe: Battleground – Archon Studios – I had no idea this was even a thing; I just randomly noticed a post on the Huzzah Discord (that was simply a repost bot recycling their Facebook posts) that they’d gotten it in. I immediately called and had them hold a copy for me. I don’t know if it’s going to continue to be available in the US; I don’t know how it was made available in the US. As far as I can tell, it’s as region locked as FoE. I’m intensely concerned about my long-term ability to get future products for it.

I’ve got Battleground in hand, and am making tracks getting it painted (probably halfway done). Excited about more coming out, especially The Evil Horde for Christmas… just hopefully I can buy it without having to go through an intermediary.