Painting Progress – 20090518

Progress was slow this week; I’m not sure I can put my finger on exactly why. The Escalation League starts this week, though… so even though I know I’ll never be fully painted, I really need to step it up.

I’ve currently got a couple of figures (the last four Haradrim archers from my first box of Haradrim warriors, a Haradrim hornblower, a hasharin, Dalamyr, and Suladan / “Amdur”) that are all nearly done:

My goal is to have all eight of these suckers done and ready for varnish tonight. They’re close enough that I don’t really have any excuse.

One problem I’ve run into with painting these guys is applying the GW Badab Black wash over P3 Thamar Black. Look closely at the recesses of these cloaks:

They’re brighter than the highlights!

I think my pot of Badab Black wash has gone funky, or it’s a reaction to the heat and humidity. These are not the first models I’ve done this to, but the behavior is only very recent. It’s very odd.

The goal for tonight, as I’ve said, is to finish up the 8 partially painted models. The goal for this week is to assemble the last of the models I have: another 24 Haradrim Warriors, 24 Corsairs of Umbar, and four Half-Trolls. (I’ve also got lots in the way of Mahud, but they can wait a bit longer, I think.) Although I won’t need those models in the first week of the league, I’ll need them in the second.