Maximum Khornage – Status, Goals

Now that I’ve settled on a paint scheme for my Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds, I’ve started painting them in earnest.  I’m going to shoot for the list I’ve got here before I start doing anything else with my daemons.  Because goals help (one of the reasons my Skaven have been frustrating, I think, is that I haven’t had a goal), I’m going to shoot to have that list 100% in time for Madicon (3/12).

That list, in terms of models, and their current status:

  • Bloodthirsters x2
    • 100% Assembled

  • Bloodcrushers x4
    • 75% assembled
    • Need to attach Bloodletters
    • Need to convert for Fury, Icon and Instrument

  • Bloodletters x24
    • 100% assembled
    • 6 fully painted
    • 5 75% painted
    • 5 primed
    • 8 unprimed
    • 2 banners untouched

  • Karanak
    • Assembled
    • Needs basing work
  • Flesh Hounds x15
    • 100% Assembled
    • 1 painted
    • 14 unprimed
  • Soul Grinders x2
    • 100% Assembled

(Why 6/5/5/8 with the Bloodletters?  I painted a test model, then tried the same technique with drybrushing.  Then I did 4, which is my preferred batch size, but now I had weird numbers, so I’m working on two batches of 5 each to put me at 16 (1+1+4+5+5) before I can do the last octet 4 at a time.)

Bloodletters aren’t bad, but they’re a mite time-consuming.  Flesh Hounds will paint quickly.  Bloodcrushers are going to be a pain in the ass, as they’re going to require some work in attaching the Bloodletters and some creativity and research in conversion.  That leaves four big models, the ‘Thirsters and the ‘Grinders, which shouldn’t be bad, but I’ve found that I don’t enjoy painting huge models very much.

My rough schedule puts me at:

  • 12/28 – Finish the 5 Bloodletters I’m currently working on, as well as basecoat and get the ball rolling on the 5 I’ve got primed.
  • 1/3 – Have the last 8 primed, basecoated and washed (wash 1).  Hopefully have 4 of them further along than that.
  • 1/10 – Completely done with Bloodletters.  Ball rolling on Flesh Hounds.
  • 1/17 – Finish 7 Flesh Hounds. 
  • 1/24 – Completely done with Flesh Hounds.   Finish assembly/conversion on Bloodcrushers.
  • 2/14 – Done with Bloodcrushers.  Prime Bloodthirsters.
  • 2/21 – Done with Bloodthirsters, Karanak.
  • 3/7 – Done with Soul Griders.  (And done with the army!)

That’s pretty aggressive (even giving myself, basically, a week per big model) and tough, but it I think it’s feasible.  It also gives me some room for slippage: I’ve got an extra week at the end, there.  And, if I focus on the Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds, I can really blow through them.  It also shouldn’t take me two full weeks to do the Bloodcrushers.  The things that really have me worried are the big models.

We’ll see if I can do it.