Where’s my stuff?

What the hell?

Over a month ago, I placed an order with Miniature Market for some Tau. After over a week with no response, I threw my hands in the air, sent them a note telling them to cancel the order, and placed it with The War Store.

(I’ve ordered from MM before, and have been very happy with them: they cannot be beat on 40K RPG books, for example. This was my first time ordering GW kits from them, mail-order style.)

After the same sort of delay at The War Store, I send them a note and was told, “Hey, we don’t have the product. We won’t charge you until we do.” Which made sense: I’m totally sure that’s what was up with MM, too.

Of course, I just realized that was three weeks ago. What the hell? Was Tau product just that under-produced? Is GW putting the screws that hard to retailers?

Am I going to have to pay MSRP for my space-commies?