1650 Kickstarter

Kickstarter / IndieGoGo’s really been kicking my ass over the past few months.  Could potential creators, like, take a few months off please?

Anyway, by now you should all know about the Reaper Bones Kickstarter, which has become such an insanely good deal it’s ridiculous.  There are so many freaking minis involved in this thing, it’s kind of all you can do is start laughing maniacally, eyes rolling back into your skull, while you try to figure out where you’re going to put all of them.

That said, I’m much more excited about the 1650 IGG:

It’ll be a skirmish game.  There will be rules.  Maybe they’ll be good: I don’t know.  With minis like this, though, I don’t care.

Dammit, more minis need musket rests!

I need these minis.  They’ll (probably) see use in my Empire army.  They’ll get pushed around in the context of the 1650 game.  They (might) see use in an English Civil War force.  They’ll definitely see table-time in an RPG context.

Get these minis to me.  Get these minis to you.  Buy into this thing, per favore.  It’s got 2 weeks left and only needs another $3,325 to go.  That’s totally doable!

As an aside, Tercio Creativo did totally set up their stretch goals all wrong.  (Not in a bad way for you, potential backer.)  When you need $8K to be successful and receive funding, there’s no point to having stretch goals that add additional minis at $4K, $6K, and $8K.  Contributors will get them if funding is successful, or funding won’t be successful and they won’t.  There’s no stretchiness to it, you know?