Deadzone – Plague

01-2014-01-11 12.11.54

Deadzone showed up last month; on-time for a Kickstarter, which I think entitles them to a medal.  A gold-star, at least.  (Let’s not beat the dead horse about how I’d have been happy to wait a few more weeks to let them do some QC.)

I probably should wrap some words around how feel about the game.  Short version is: so far, I like it.  Kind of a lot.

Anyway, out the gate, I decided to paint up the Plague starter first.  At the time of the KS, I wasn’t interested in them at all: they’re the one starting faction for which I didn’t get the booster.  Also, I figured they’d paint up the easiest; I expect that’s held up.

I speed-painted them over two weeks (hey, for me, that’s speed-painting; and those two weeks had Christmas and New Years squatting in the middle of them).  They’re far, far from perfect but, let’s face it, these are not amazing miniatures. I don’t know that they deserve a better paint job.

02-2014-01-11 13.03.21

07-2014-01-11 13.05.57

The Gen 1 is actually a pretty great mini.  It’s one of the standouts, I think. There are some weird casting issues with it, but they’re minor.  Nothing a little green stuff couldn’t fix without the tiniest amount of effort.

05-2014-01-11 13.04.39

04-2014-01-11 13.04.16

06-2014-01-11 13.05.29

The Gen 2s, on the other hand, are godawful.  Creepy baby heads. Weird poses. Kinda sketchy detail.  These are bad.  But they’re done.

08-2014-01-11 13.07.37

Gen 3s are okay. They’re not great… but not bad, and they get a bit of a pass because they’re mutant zombies.

11-2014-01-11 13.08.33

12-2014-01-11 13.08.46

09-2014-01-11 13.07.50

10-2014-01-11 13.08.19

13-2014-01-11 13.09.15

Plague Hounds look like the worst minis of the bunch unpainted, but I guess they turned out okay.

Like I said: with the exception of the Gen 1, none of these are good minis… but they’re better than the Mantic Kings of War Orcs I’ve saddled myself with, and they paint up easily.  That I like the game a lot helps, too.