Rushputin vs. The New Citadel Paints

That might sound overly confrontational.  I dunno.  It certainly turned out more of a battle than I anticipated.

I started these six Halberdiers I don’t know how long ago.  More than a month ago, at least.  Early April.

The new Citadel Paints had just dropped and, because I’m just starting this army, “buy up as many old paints as you can,” isn’t sustainable enough for me.  So, since I’m going to have to start using them anyway, I did just that.


I can’t blame the fact that it took me ~six weeks to paint six dudes entirely on the paints: a lot of real-life excitement popped off in late April and early May (though most of it lent itself to painting more and not less)… but option paralysis and result disappointment really annihilated any momentum I managed to develop.

So, here are the dudes.  They’re painted mostly with new GW paints in place of the old GW paints.  P3 paints weren’t changed.  Notes on the original color scheme can be found here.

Significant color changes are:

Was Now
Blue Basecoat – GW Regal Blue
Layer – GW Enchanted Blue
Highlight – Reaper True Blue
Wash – 3:3:2
   GW Asurmen Blue
   Matte Medium wash
Basecoat – GW Kantor Blue
Layer – GW Caledor Sky
Highlight – GW Hoeth Blue
Glaze – Guilliman Blue
Yellow Basecoat – GW Iyanden Darksun
Wash – GW Gryphonne Sepia
Layer – GW Iyanden Darksun
Highlight – GW Golden Yellow
Basecoat – GW XV-88
Basecoat – GW Balor Brown
Wash – 1:1
   GW Cassandora Yellow
   GW Seraphim Sepia
Layer – GW Balor Brown
Layer – GW Zamesi Desert
Highlight – GW Ushabti Bone
Glaze – GW Lamenters Yellow
Skin Basecoat- GW Tallarn Flesh
Layer – GW Elf Flesh
Wash – 3:3:2
   GW Ogryn Flesh
   Matte Medium wash
Highlight – GW Elf Flesh
Basecoat – GW Bugman’s Glow
Basecoat – GW Cadian Fleshtone
Layer – Kislev Flesh
Wash – 3:3:2
   GW Reikland Flesh
   Matte Medium wash
Highlight – GW Kislev Flesh

So, let’s compare the two paint sets.  In each picture, the hapless Halberdier on the left is the old scheme, the one on the right is the new.

The yellow is more vibrant.  We can attribute that, I think, to Lamenters Yellow.  Unfortunately, it’s a hair brighter than I’d like.  Conversely, the blue is more drab…  in the old scheme the blue was matched well with the yellow.  In the new, the blue’s too dark and the yellow’s too bright.

The skin is particularly bothersome: I just cracked caucasian flesh.  The new scheme just isn’t nearly as good.

The bases are edged differently: Calthan Brown on the left, Mournfang Brown on the right.

(Also, what’s up with the red on the blue feather? Sloppy, Rush!)

The new paints are good, mind you.  I like the way they handle.  I like the additional selection.  I’m extremely disappointed in how they compare to the old paints, however.  I know that they (GW, GW employees) have to say they’re equivalent, but they just aren’t.  To suggest that Mournfang Brown is comparable to Bestial Brown (nevermind Calthan Brown, too) is insulting.

(It looks like my standby killer Scorched Brown -> Bestial Brown -> Snakebite Leather -> Devlan Mud combo’s been broken.)

So, anyway, I’m not happy about it.