Wednesday Workbench

20140212 Wednesday Workbench

Not much on the table just the moment: I started and finished a batch of Rebs (Grogan x2, Judawan x1, Sorak x1, Zee x2) over the weekend, which is pretty fast for me, and all I’ve got left is the Teraton and the Kraaw from the Rebs starter/booster.  If I can steal some time I don’t have, I might actually make progress on them this week.  I feel like I’ve been making very good, very fast progress on these: especially considering how much work travel I’ve been doing.

Anyway, once the Rebs are done, I might try to start on the few Mercs I have… or I might do the terrain.  I really want to knock out the terrain, but feel like I need to make heads or tails of how I plan to arrange it, first.

I really need to put these dudes in a lightbox and get some decent pictures, too.