Soul Grinder WIP

Soul Grinder WIP 1

I finished building my third Soul Grinder last night.

Even though I have, like, no time to hobby between now and NoVA, the Imp of the Perverse made me want to do a headswap on it. I’d originally wanted to use a Ghorgon head, but couldn’t bits order the horns anywhere.  A Carnosaur head was my fall-back… and I think it’s worked out for the best.

Soul Grinder WIP 2

The original plan was to smooth out the join as skin and then bulk it out with hair, so he’d fit in with these guys:

38-2013-09-02 15.39.09

Flesh Hound on the left, Blood Render on the right

But the more I look at the model as it is, the more satisfied I am with it.

Soul Grinder WIP 4

The other big thing was the right hand.  The sword hand is boring (I’ve already got two of those), and the claw hand… not right.  I cast around for a bit that would work (the Carnosaur’s hand would be perfect, obviously) but couldn’t find anything that worked well and I could do without buying a pricey model, only intending to saw it’s right hand off.

Finally, I settled on Nethyrmaul, from my mostly-unused Bones tub.  He’s a great model, too, so I’d like to think I’ll paint him, so I ended up casting his hand with Instant Mold and making a couple of casts of it.

The casts turned out rotten, so between cleaning it up and adding the thumb I don’t feel bad at all.  Sadly, where the detail cast best isn’t visible: it’s the back of the hand and wrist shoved into the space of the arm.

Soul Grinder WIP 3

Also, I don’t use my GSI Tentacle Maker enough.  So, there’s a bit of that, too.