More Progress

Since the last time I really posted, I’ve been stupidly busy: both at work and at hobby.

On top of all that other stuff, I’ve done:

  • 20x Greatswords
  • 10x Handgunners
  • 10x Archers
  • 3x Wizards
  • 1x Captain of the Empire

At this point, I just need to do up the Engineer and the Arch-Lector.

I ran out of metal squares to glue to their bases: I’ve had to order a heap more of them from Wargame Accessories.  In fact, I had to go on a spree: ordering metal squares, movement trays from Litko and skirmish trays from Back 2 Base-IX.

I’ve been holding off on building the characters, since they’re the most clear place to do conversions and work in the Manann / Nordland theme.  I threw together some wizards (Light and Fire) without any trouble.

Nothing special, right?

Well, I also needed a Shadow Wizard… and they don’t really have any bits in the (otherwise magnificent) Wizard kit.

So, I trimmed the hair off of a Fire Mage’s hair sculpted the hood up over it.

Not entirely pleased with the skull on the staff, but nothing else in the bits box really leapt out at me.  I might take a stab at it scratching up a crystal or something.