Verdigris – Honored Imperium

I’m working from home this week while we have some remodeling done, so it wasn’t hard for me to rotate my chair 90° and fiddle with what I touched on Monday night while waiting on an e-mail.  I’d say this thing easily took less than an hour (spread across a workday, but ready in time for the game store tonight).

I set things up by getting the statue ready.  Here’s what it looked like before:

This came together very easily.  Spent a little more effort on it than I normally do: Tin Bitz base followed by a heavy Brazen Brass drybrush, a less emphatic Shining Gold drybrush and a fairly light Burnished Gold drybrush.

I mixed up pretty much the same color I tried out last night.  (Apologies for the crappy focus.)

Roughly equal amounts of Goblin Green and Ice Blue (with a bit more blue than green) and a tiny dab of white (Morrow White; I love the P3 whites).  After mixing this, I immediately decided to add more blue.  In hindsight, I think even more blue would have been the way to go. I’m thinking that maybe 2:1 Ice Blue : Goblin Green might be the better way to go.

Then, a fairly light drybrush of this pretty much everywhere.  That gets me:

Finally, I based it the same way I’ve painted all of my 40K terrain: Ceramcoat Charcoal base, a heavy, heavy Ceramcoat Hippo Grey drybrush and a light Rain Grey drybrush.  This combo looks fantastic.  Really.

The end result is something I’m happy with.  It looks like old brass.  Not super old, not super weathered, but definitely old.  It’s clear there’s room for improvement: more blue, more streaking and some pooling, but I’m happy with it.