More with HDR

I actually wrote the HDR post about a week before I posted it: I’m trying to be better about pacing my posts.  I’ve been antsy about it going up ’cause I think it’s interesting.

That antsy-ness, plus avoidance of the Daemon mess, motivated me to fiddle with stuff some more.

I changed up the lightbox arrangement a bit. First, I swapped out the Pegasus terrain with the prepainted Ruined Chapel piece since it’s got a bit more varied color in it (and the neat stained glass effect).  Then, I worked my way through my images folder to find suitable backdrops and printed out a couple of them on 11×17 paper. Mounted them to foamboard and hit them with some Dullcote to cut down on reflection.  Finally, I replaced the white drop cloth with a black one.

Then, I took some more HDR pictures, matching up a few different HDR apps.  Here are the results:


Deathwing Techmarine: 

(Next time, I’m just going to do row & column headers.  I think that, by this point, we know the second row is post-I’m Feeling Lucky, right?)

Anyway, what do y’all think?

My observations:

  • I’m Feeling Lucky doesn’t actually seem to do the Pro HDR images any favors.  Interesting.
  • Looking at these, I feel like Pro HDR produces images that are too bright.  (Mind you, I’m just talking about the macro photography that I’m doing here.)  
  • I’m waffling between preferring the results from HDR Fusion and the camera in HDR mode.  I think I like the regular camera in HDR mode run through I’m Feeling Lucky the most.
  • The other thing is that this setup works for 40K and other sci-fi minis… it’s not terribly appropriate for Fantasy minis.  If I stick with this, I’ll probably have to pull something together for that.
  • That could be a fun project: building a photo setup for each army.  Hrm.