They make a cream for that…

I just wrapped up a few Plague Monks.

If I decide to not paint new ones, this will be all I need to have the unit fully painted (putting aside the inconvenient need to rebase a bunch of them).  The Plague Deacon (an older Plague Priest model) started without paint; the other four were halfway done with the old scheme, which means they’re not quite as sharp as they could be.

That means that the only model I have left to paint before I’m 100% painted (again, discounting rebasing, repainting older Plague Monks, or things like the display board) is the Plague Furnace:

On the one hand, I’m really glad I’m able to airbrush / drybrush / wash most of it.  On the other hand, painting this thing assembled is such a pain… I’m of half a mind to just do a second one, painting it in the subassemblies it really needs to be painted in, and leave this one the way it is.  Bleh.