Games Day 2010 – Loot

I didn’t spend too much at this year’s Games Day.  That’s probably for the best: I know I went out of control at my first one. :)

I did walk around Dan and Mrs. Abnett to pick up Blood Pact before things opened up.  I smiled at him, and still feel a little weird about not saying anything to them but… he was off the clock.  Given that he was going to spend the next eight hours talking to fans, the last thing he needed was another one starting the day off early.  He’s too nice a guy to have to deal with me that early in the morning.

The Fantasy Flight games booth’s presence was a very good thing.  It gave me the chance to snap up a couple of things I’d been looking forward to picking up: Deathwatch and Death Angel.
I hadn’t planned on picking up any resin, but impulse motivated me to ask fellow IFL’r Jeff P. to snag this year’s Forgeworld Games Day mini for me while he was going back through the Forgeworld line.

When I was on my way back from the bathroom, they announced they were selling Stompas for 50%.  I don’t need a Stompa: I don’t play Orks and I don’t really play games that involve superheavies… but I was right there and, for $50, I’m sure I can find something to do with a Stompa.  So, I snapped it up (and did so before they started making people WAAAGH for them… that’s how I really won).

Finally, we had some blisters left over from the Rapid Fire prize-support, and GW didn’t want them back.  So, we all picked out some: I kept some random minis that look like fun to paint (particularly excited about painted up the goblins), as well as a couple of Skaven minis.  Everything else is going to go into a bag and get auctioned off at the next Battle for the Cure auction as a Bag of Games Day Crap.