Flames of War – WWII

Just a quick note because this is something I talk about occasionally, but have a hard time putting good words around.  This morning, I saw this photo from Breakthrough Assault’s post about Corrivalry:

This: this is what I’m talking about.  I really like the WWI version of Flames of War. When I flip through the FoW rulebook, the stuff I see looks cool. I like the idea of playing WWII Flames of War.

But then, at the game store, I look over at people playing it, and I see the above.  That’s a parking lot of a dozen tanks, just parked like they’re at the mall, arm-in- arm, stopped inches away from as many or more artillery pieces, just hangin’ out.  This doesn’t look like fun to me, and it doesn’t look historical.

Anyway, not trying to shit on the game; just pointing to what, exactly, sticks it for me.