NoVA Open 2013 – 2 – Photodump

NoVA Open 2011 Logo

Something I should have mentioned yesterday, but forgot to (so much to post about), was the funny realization that one of my minis is on the Capital Palette banner.  He’s down on the bottom right, at the left hand of Doom.

Capital Palette Banner

Because I’m an execrable excuse for a human being, I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I normally do, and I normally take fewer pictures than I really should.  I didn’t even get my usual minimum 1-per-opponent.

So, in an effort to distract from that, I’m just going to bombard you with the (meager) contents of my cameraphone.

Random Stuff

I have a soft spot for pink armies.

03-2013-08-30 09.54.05

Doug makes LEDs look easy.

04-2013-08-30 09.55.51

This was on the table next to me at one point.  I love it! I wish I’d had a better look at the rest of his army, but I was too busy pulling my models off the table.

07-2013-08-31 11.33.19 

This was from one of my games: Chaos and Chaos about to collide!

08-2013-08-31 15.27.49 

Appearance Second Looks

09-2013-08-31 20.51.38

10-2013-08-31 20.51.47

11-2013-08-31 20.51.58 

12-2013-08-31 20.52.12

 13-2013-08-31 20.52.38 

14-2013-08-31 20.54.33

This one was my favorite.

15-2013-08-31 20.54.45

 16-2013-08-31 20.55.13 

When they talk about scoring for Impact, this is the best example: This display board was HUGE, and had some sort of metal blaring out of it while lights flickered.

17-2013-08-31 20.59.43 

18-2013-08-31 20.59.49 

19-2013-08-31 21.00.42

20-2013-08-31 21.09.41  

Painting Competition!

 22-2013-08-31 21.30.07

Just as cool in person!

32-2013-09-01 17.11.01

31-2013-09-01 17.09.05

23-2013-08-31 21.30.22

Lots of 54mm figures, most of which were gorgeous.

24-2013-08-31 21.30.55

21-2013-08-31 21.29.46

25-2013-08-31 21.31.15 

How in Sigmar’s name did I not get a picture of the Best in Show?

This was my favorite diorama.  It won, IIRC, Gold in its category.

29-2013-09-01 17.07.38


30-2013-09-01 17.07.46